Monday, July 22, 2013

Thinking About Getting A Job? Think of Joblogy!

Just graduated and currently doing some job hunting? Or thinking of a career change? It's not easy, is it? Been there, done that.

I remember when I was a fresh graduate about six years ago, finding my first ever full-time job was so much pain! Well, not as painful as giving birth to a child without medication, but overall it was not a pleasant experience. Back then, as a fresh graduate, I had double degree from Indonesia and the Netherlands, cum laude honour and overseas internship experience under my belt - but still, searching my first job was very frustrating. Why? Because I had no full-time working experience and most companies wanted previous work experience(s).

Moving on, I finally got my first job and some few years' later I was thinking of changing a job. Again, the usual drill of finding the right job was not as simple as A B C. The whole process of a career change was not as easy as I thought.

Anyway, recently I came across a relatively new online job portal called Joblogy where you can easily find various full-time jobs, part-time jobs and even internship opportunities in Malaysia. This employment website is actually developed by the same creator of tutor website that I blogged a while ago.

Welcome to Joblogy!

Joblogy lists job vacancies in various positions such as Sales and Marketing, IT, Admin, Accounting, Programming jobs and many more. 

Search your job here.

You can search the job of your dream by typing out the field of job that suits your academic background and expertise and then, perhaps you can search a job based the preferred work location before you send your resume away. Easy right?

Find your friends in Joblogy.

Additionally, Joblogy has a cool feature that I find quite interesting. If you click the Friends+Jobs button in the top bar, you can find your Facebook friends who are working or worked in some of the companies stated in Joblogy's job list. To enable this function, all you have to do is login to Joblogy with your Facebook account.

Having said that, if you are seeking for a job - turn your computer on now and start browsing the jobs available at Joblogy. Don't forget to sign up to upload your resume and apply for a job!

In my opinion, somehow, job hunting is a "numbers game". The more you let potential companies aware that you are looking for a job, the more chances for you to get called for interview. However, in order to make this effort successful, you have to do this "numbers game" really smartly. Aim well and ensure that there is a job fit for you before you send your resume to the hiring managers. This way, hopefully you'd land to the first round of interviews with your prospective employer(s) and eventually, sign your employment contract.

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