Thursday, July 11, 2013

Making Baby Food: Rice Porridge with French Beans, Potato, Carrots and Beef

It's been a while since I posted baby food recipes; but this morning, I made a new baby food menu for Baby Naomi and I thought of sharing it here.

Since I understand that it is better to introduce potatoes to babies when they are about 8-10 months old, I have never introduced potato into Naomi's diet until today. She will be 10 months old in less than 10 days so I thought it's a good time for her to taste some potatoes in her food.

I stirred in the variety of vegetables that we Indonesians usually use for making clear vegetable soup to Naomi's soft porridge today and Naomi loved it. She ate 3/4 big bowl soft porridge in just about 5 minutes' time.

By the way, in the past week, I have actually stopped running Naomi's rice porridge in a strainer to soften everything because I think Naomi now is big enough to rice porridge in normal texture/consistency. I still, however, make the vegetables ingredients in her porridge softer by using a strainer. What I normally do is scooping some spoons of her rice porridge into a bowl and then, separate the vegetables pieces from her porridge pan and run them in a strainer. After that, I will mix the soft veggies together with her rice porridge in her bowl. This way, I think it's easier for Naomi to swallow her vegetable bits and she can digest her food better.

Yummy porridge for baby.

Rice Porridge with Potato, French Beans, Carrot and Beef
Suitable for babies aged 9 months old ++


  • 1/2 cup of (organic) rice, well rinsed
  • 1 small (organic) potato, peeled, cleanly washed and cubed
  • 5-6 strings (organic) French beans, washed
  • A slice of (organic) carrot, washed and diced thinly
  • 5-6 small chunks of (organic) beef/diced beef, cleanly washed and minced
  • Water


  1. Snap the tips of French beans and chop them into smaller pieces (not too small as we'd pick them again from the porridge and run them in a strainer before serving).
  2. In a pan, pour rice, carrot bits, potato cubes and minced beef together. Add lots of water into the pan and cook the porridge in small-medium fire for about 15 minutes. Occasionally stir the porridge and add more water. 
  3. Add French beans slices into the porridge. Keep cooking this porridge for another 20-30 minutes until congee's consistency is achieved (rice turns soft and breaks down) and all the vegetables become softer.
  4. Before serving this porridge to baby, take few spoons of the congee (rice and carrot bits) in a bowl. Scoop some French beans and potato cubes from the pan and run them in a strainer. 
  5. Mixed the strained vegetables into the rice porridge in a bowl and feed the cereal-like rice porridge to baby when it's not too hot.
Need more nutritional information and recipes in using green beans for baby food? Read more about it here.


  1. It looks and sounds very yummy. With some seasoning, the whole family can have this. I aka.always looking at recipes that can be used for everyone in the house.

    1. Thank you! I normally just cook for Naomi and would rather buy food outside for myself on weekdays hehe!

  2. Do you mind sharing what Naomi's schedule is like during the day? How many meals does she eat? My 10mo has gone on a food and milk strike! He eats only half a bowl each meal :(

    1. Hi! Naomi eats rice porridge 2x a day (usually I make the porridge from 1/2 cup of rice) and drinks 5oz of formula milk like every 2-3 hours. Maybe I'll share with all of you more details of this subject in a separate blog post :)


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