Tuesday, July 23, 2013

First Birthday Party: Yes or No?

Naomi’s 1st birthday is coming in less than two months’ time and I am in a serious contemplating mode - trying to decide whether I should celebrate her 1st birthday with a birthday bash (i.e. inviting family and close friends for a few hours’ birthday party in a nice restaurant) or just do a humble birthday cake cutting ceremony at home (i.e. sing the birthday song in English and Mandarin, make a wish which I'd voluntarily do on behalf of Naomi, blow a candle on her birthday cake, cut the cake and eat it with core family members then take some pictures too).

Our soon-to-be birthday girl.

I may have the budget to celebrate her birthday with a birthday party but then again, I am still not entirely sure if making a big production out of her 1st birthday is that necessary at all.

Anyway, below are some reasons that I have collected in the past few weeks on whether I should celebrate my child's 1st birthday or not.

Why a birthday party is a must?
  • 1st birthday is every child’s huge milestone and it’s a once in a lifetime experience. Priceless moment. Not to be missed event indeed.
  • It’s just awesome to celebrate baby’s 1st birthday with a somewhat large crowd comprising family members and close friends. Memorable occasion and lots of fun.
  • Planning a birthday party for my first kid will be fun. Getting busy thinking and preparing the party’s tiny details must be exciting, provided if it's not a last minute one.
  • There will be tons of nice photos of 1st birthday celebration for her to remember when she grows up.
  • I may regret (big time!) letting this special day pass without any special celebration, especially since my husband and I did not do any special celebration for Naomi's Full Moon either.

Is 1st birthday party a waste of money, hence better to skip this?
  • Naomi is obviously too young to understand the whole birthday celebration idea and she will not remember it. My Mom once said that it is better to celebrate Naomi’s birthday when she reaches kindergarten’s age. It will be more fun, enjoyable and memorable for her to celebrate birthday with her friends.
  • 1st birthday party is generally a celebration intended more for adults (re: us, the parents and the guests); rather than for Naomi herself. Again, Naomi is too young to comprehend and appreciate what is going on.
  • Naomi may be overwhelmed with the crowd and not enjoy the party at all during her big day. Worse, the photos taken that day potentially won’t look so nice because she is not happy? Remember her studio photo results the other day?
  • It's wiser to save the money for the party and spend it for something else more useful. For instance, use the money to buy a set of brand new matching sofa for our living room perhaps?
  • Capturing the birthday celebration at home on camera will do the same justice in preserving memory of Naomi's special day.

It’s 5 versus 5 now.

What do you think? Any thoughts?  


  1. You're right that Naomi will not remember much of what happened on her first birthday and her party is really just for the adults. But I did it for my then one-year old because it's a good excuse to catch up with friends whom I have not met in a while. We kept it short for no more than 3 hours so that the little birthday girl and those with young kids will not feel too overwhelmed. Now that my daughter is 4, I'm still contemplating if I wanna have a party for her.

    1. Thanks for sharing! You got a point here. Maybe a simple gathering will do.

  2. I'm in the same dilemma too, Christine! Somehow the pros and cons weigh the same so I'm still undecided..


  3. - Dapet hadiah mainan banyak Tin, ga usah pusing mikir beli mainan baru buat anak...(kalo2 dikasih hadiah...hahahaha).
    tapi sekali merayakan, bisa tergoda untuk merayakan lagi di tahun berikutnya loh, apalagi kalau pesta pertama sukses... ^^
    Aku juga bingung, pengen pesta buat Jason, tapi siapa yang diundang..hehehehe... ^^

    1. Haha iya bingung ya.. Tapi ada yg bilang kalo udah merayakan 1st birthday, ga merasa bersalah kl taon2 berikutnya ga birthday party lagi.. katanya lho.. T

  4. Agree, Naomi wouldn't remember much except for the pics captured on that special day. My girls' 1st birthdays were always small dinner dos with the family and those closest to her.
    They had a blast and not overly tired as we can always call it a day when its almost her nap time.

    1. Yes. I think small gathering is good enough for 1st birthday and napping schedule should be considered too when timing the party. Thanks for the advice.


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