Saturday, July 13, 2013

Checking Out Farm in the City, Seri Kembangan

The first time I learnt about the existence of Farm in the City was from Popular's monthly magazine that is exclusively distributed to its members. I have been wanting to visit this place for months because I think I have not gone for sightseeing for ages and this place is just perfect for a short break, distance wise. Long story short, finally the three of us had a chance to drop by Farm in the City this afternoon.

Farm in the City is Malaysian village-themed petting zoo that hosts more than 100 species of exotic animals and more than 40 types of tropical fruits. It was first opened about a year ago. Visitors will get a quiet village environment and farm 'smell' once they enter this premise but from afar, we can still hear the buzzing cars' sound surrounding this place. I mean this place is technically located in a busy city anyway so yes, if you listen or look carefully, you can see some tall buildings and the busy highway sounds surrounding this Farm.

It's relatively easy to find this place but if you are not from nor familiar with the area, best is to get GPS assistance. This place is not crowded so finding a car park is no sweat. But hang on, before I continue, let me tell you a mini accident I had after my husband parked his car. Before we left the car, I thought of feeding Naomi first so I prepared Naomi's milk. However, I accidentally spilled the hot water inside her thermos onto my upper thighs. Seconds later, I found myself screaming in pain and my scream actually woke my baby, who was napping in her car seat next to me, up. My husband quickly opened the car door by my side and dragged me out of the car because my seat was spilled with hot water too. Not long, I found myself doing a dance similar to a rain-making ritual I saw on TV because my thighs felt so incredibly burnt and painful! Luckily, it was not serious and didn't affect my skin much.

Once I got slightly better, the three of us moved on and bought the entrance tickets.

Welcome to Farm in the City!

What did we do once we got our entrance tickets? Eating lunch of course.

The restaurant inside this Farm in the City was kind of pathetic because there was only one table filled with customers during lunch hours and that table was ours. I ordered a chicken chop and my husband asked for kampong fried rice. Honestly, my chicken chop turned out to be not fantastic and it was not really worth the price.

RM 15 Chicken Chop in Black Pepper Sauce.

However, surprisingly, my husband's fried rice was exquisitely tasty but super fiery. It was one of the best kampong fried rice I've ever tasted in Malaysia by far.

RM 8 Kampong Fried Rice.

As usual, I get the better food at the end of the day. My husband agreed to swap our food. I ate his fried rice and he ate my chicken chop.

Once we're full, we checked out the Turtle and Tortoise Farm. I guess the exciting and special part of visiting Farm in the City is that visitors are allowed to interact and feed some the animals and in fact, encouraged to do so.

Feeding a 30 y/o giant tortoise.

Personally, I think all turtles and tortoises in this world look pretty much similar. The only pretty different kinds of turtle I've ever seen were Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (but too bad they are just cartoon characters) and this Dinosaur Turtle below.

Somehow this turtle was not wiped out when the other Dinosaur fellows went to extinction.

I found Alligator Snapping Turtles (re: above picture) quite unique in a sense that they are pretty aggressive sort of turtle and able to bite human's arms off. They love to lying motionless at the bottom of murky water and let their jaws hang open revealing their small pink worm-like tongue to lure the prey. From now on, don't think that every turtle is gentle as a lamb.

The next section we checked out was the Walk-Tru Bird Aviary. In the beginning, my husband and I hesitated entering this airy enclosure where birds have free-flight because we've been to the one at Jurong Bird's Park, Singapore. As we passed by this place, we bumped into one of the Farm's staff at this aviary and he 'forced' us to have a look at the aviary because he said he just cleaned it. Moments later, we were inside the aviary and quite amazed with some pretty birds collection inside.

Come, birdie, birdie....!

Then, the staff offered us to feed the parakeets. Again, I politely declined his kind invitation but after I saw the fun that my husband enjoyed when he fed the birds, eventually I wanted to do the same. Feeding birds in a free-flight aviary was super fun! I was really happy like a kid when lots of birds landed on my hand palm to eat the food.

After we had enough fun at the aviary, we went to see some deer (and fed one), a giant goat just like the gigantic version of Djali, turkeys, white crow and some world's smallest kangaroos.

Big goat or what?

Moving on, Naomi had her very first encounter with lots of rabbits and guinea pigs at the Rabbits Farm. They all were so cute and a large group of them came surrounding us when we offered them some leafy veggies.

Look at these cute furry little animals!

Next, we were offered to feed some fish and ducks by the Mood's Lake. Naomi showed her happiest smile of the day when I took her feeding the fish. I guess I was too frenzied when throwing the fish feed into the lake because my husband kept on reminding me "Hey, remember not to throw the baby into the lake, OK! Throw the fish feed, not the baby!" 

Happy Mom and happy baby.

Done with feeding the fish, we visited the Exhibition Hall where some snakes, skunk, iguana, praire dogs and some other animals were displayed.

Just outside this Exhibition Hall, we encountered some parrots and Macaw birds. My husband was particularly interested with a big blue and yellow Macaw and kept on mentioning "Rio! Rio is here!" This blue bird really came from Brazil so I reckon, there is huge possibility that he is Blu's long lost brother or distant relative.


My husband thought of watching some animal performance scheduled to be held at 3.30pm. Sadly, as there was not enough audience, the staff postponed the performance. We waited for about 30 minutes but the performance had yet to be started. We decided to leave the Farm instead as the sky turned pretty cloudy, signalling the arrival of heavy pour. Was my accidental rain dance that effective?

Anyway, before we left, we briefly checked out the Horse Stable where the Farm keeps two cute ponies that the brochure claims smaller than a dog. In reality, these ponies are bigger than a normal dog but probably slightly smaller than one big Siberian Husky. I saw the ads at the ticket counter mentions that whenever a kid (below 12 y/o) buys a pony riding ticket, he/she'd get a bottle of Vitagen. I already asked some money from my husband to buy the pony riding ticket so I could get a Vitagen but then I realized that I am 17 years off from the allowed age to ride the pony. Duh!

The cutest pony in the Farm.

That's all. The pony concluded our visit at Farm in the City.

We had a lovely Saturday today!

I recommend you to have some fun with your family at Farm in the City. And oh, did I mention that all of the staff are very friendly too?

Farm in The City 
Lot 40187-40188, Jln. Prima Tropika Barat, Bandar Putra Permai
43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor Dahrul Ehsan, Malaysia
Phone: +60 3 8941 2099/3099
Operating Hours: 10am - 6pm, closed every Tuesday
Tickets: RM 40/pax (UP), RM 28/pax for Popular member card holders (promotion valid until 31st December 2013, maximum for 6 pax)


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