Friday, June 28, 2013

Pre-loved Baby Stuff You Should Consider Accepting

The fact that every parent in this world wants the best for their babies goes without saying. Truth be told, one of the extreme joys of expecting a baby is unquestionably, shopping cute little baby stuff. I can confidently say that I normally can shop baby stuff for hours without even feeling tired but my bank account gets seriously injured after each session!

Anyway, down the road, usually parents would realize that bringing a baby into this world can be quite costly. Some baby stuff is considerably affordable but some can be insanely pricey. This is why, expecting parents need to do some smart baby budgeting when purchasing the baby goodies, unless you have all the money in this world to buy those expensive baby stuff - which is a whole different story to tell here.

One of the tricks that my husband and I did when purchasing baby essentials was delaying the purchase of some high-priced items namely baby high-chair, baby walker and baby car seat. In the first few months, we concentrated more on fulfilling the baby's basic requirements such as nappies, clothing, blankets, bottle feeding equipment, breast pump, formula milk and such. Only when the time came for Naomi to start enjoying a baby walker or when she's big enough to be strapped in larger car seat, we started purchasing the above mentioned items.

On top of that, we also accepted the hand-me-downs that were offered to us by some relatives and friends and these pre-loved baby items were still considered in pretty good condition. With that, here are some pre-loved baby items which I think you should consider accepting as they can save some dollars quite a bit. Well, a lot of dollars actually.

1. Baby Cot

Naomi's pre-loved baby cot covered in a brand new bedding set.

Baby cot can be one expensive purchase you make for your baby, so it's not wrong to accept a second-hand baby cot. Just make sure that the pre-loved baby cot is still strong and sturdy and not cracked when you decide to accept it to ensure your baby safety. Naomi's wooden cot together with its mattress and mosquito net were given by my Mother-in-Law which she received from one of her brothers many years ago and this cot had also served my three other nieces when they were babies. I did, invest on brand new bedding set to make Naomi's cot a little prettier, though. Naomi slept in her baby cot for about 7 months until she started standing up independently. Then, we decided to retire the cot.

By the way, my husband and I bought a portable baby cot or playpen for Naomi but it was not as much useful as the wooden baby cot. Both of us kinda regretted buying that playpen because we seldom used that. Not long after the wooden cot was retired, the playpen followed the cot's steps and went straight to the store room too.

2. Baby Carrier Basket

Naomi's baby carrier basket.

An average baby carrier basket costs somewhere between RM 80 to RM 120, I think. The really good ones produced by top brand manufacturers can cost way more than this. My Sister-in-Law passed us the baby carrier basket that she recently used for her youngest child to Naomi and it's still in a good condition. Baby carrier basket like the above picture usually can only be used for babies until they reach the age of about 6 months old so that's why both husband and I didn't really mind accepting this.

3. Baby Rocker

Naomi's favourite napping place when she's a newborn.

Honestly, I was really tempted to buy a brand new baby rocker with lots of hanging fancy toys in rainbow colour for Baby Naomi. I saw more than enough advertising of cute baby rockers whenever I went online and somehow got brainwashed and wanted one for my bub too. However, my Mother-in-Law and Sister-in-Law told me that I better use hers as usually this rocker is only good for baby to nap or rest during the day for the first 4-5 months. Basically, once the baby can start turning over on his or her own, this baby rocker is not safe for them anymore and it's time to retire it. In the end, Baby Naomi enjoyed this pre-loved simple baby rocker for few months too.

4. Newborn belly bands

Newborn Naomi sunbathing.

Newborn belly bands or wraps cost around RM 4 or RM 6 per piece. The ones with cute prints cost slightly more expensive than the plain ones but actually, you wouldn't see the cute prints any more once you put clothes on your baby. Also, usually we only place belly bands on newborn baby for about two weeks long or maximum one month's time. Therefore, I would rather use second-hand items from my Sisters-in-law when it comes to newborn belly bands. Really, these newborn belly bands will only be used for a short period of time and soon enough they'd be sent to the darkest place in the drawer or the lowest part of the storage box before your next baby arrives.

6. Baby Sling

Naomi in a pre-loved baby sling from her aunt.

My Sister-in-Law seemingly is not a big user of baby sling when carrying her baby. Thus, she handed the baby sling that someone gave her as a present over to me. The baby sling was almost brand new but I didn't utilize it for a long time either because at that time I was experimenting a couple other baby sling brands on hand and I like mine, Baba Sling, best.

7. Crib Toy

Newborns often get fascinated by the mobile toy with music that is hung directly over their cribs because it adds new dimension to their horizontal view of life. Whenever I browsed for some quality crib toys for my baby, I always said "Wow and Wow!" for the cute design and screamed "Eeeek!" the moment I read the price tag. A fancy mobile crib toy ain't cheap, I tell you. Fortunately, my Sister-in-Law gave us the crib toy that she's once received from her sister too because she said now her kid can't play with this toy without the baby cot anyway.

8. Baby Clothes 

She still looks pretty in her second-hand pyjama, doesn't she?

I was once very adamant that my baby would be way too good for second-hand stuff, especially when it comes to clothing. However, soon I realized that baby outgrows his or her clothes very fast. Some clothes even only last for two months before they are moved to storage boxes. Thus, these days, when some relatives or friends pass decent second-hand clothes for Naomi, we don't mind accepting and wearing them on Naomi. Nevertheless, just like a normal Mom of a baby girl, I often fail resisting the temptation to splurge on new baby girl clothing when I'm in a baby shop. Apparently I am not alone in this department because my Mom also has problems in resisting cute clothes for baby girl and usually comes to Malaysia with a big bag full of clothes for her only grand-daughter.

This above list can go on and on because you may also consider accepting pre-loved baby stroller, baby walker, etc. if they were offered to you and are still in good shape. Anyhow, if nobody offers you this - after careful checking, you might want to consider buying certain second-hand baby gears at online marketplaces, perhaps?

Oh boy! I am feeling a little nostalgic as I am typing this post because most of the pictures I posted here are taken when my Naomi was still such a tiny little baby.


  1. I received many used baby clothes (i only bought 12 clothes for baby under 1 yo.. LOL) and bought many preloved baby things such as timber cot, hi chair, stroller, many toys. Really huge savings because I can safe thousands bucks..

    1. Haha I probably bought 10 sets of baby clothes in the beginning but after that I could not stop buying more clothes and piling more cute baby outfits at home - tho' some people have given us their pre-loved baby clothes haha.. Baby clothes are too hard to resist.

    2. Im accepting pre loved too....


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