Monday, June 10, 2013

Naomi's First Time in Singapore

Born as a true blue Virgo, I am undoubtedly one hardcore thinker. I've spent literally a week quietly contemplating whether I should go to Singapore or not on last weekend. I was still indecisive until last Saturday morning and was prepared to go to Kuala Lumpur to do some window shopping instead. Somehow, the plan was cancelled last minute and I finally made an impromptu decision to just go to Merlion City because I missed my friends in Singapore rather badly. Furthermore, I thought it would be nice for them to meet Baby Naomi for the first time, and vice versa.

My husband didn't mind with this plan and we quickly packed our stuff for this sudden road trip.

On Saturday late afternoon, my husband drove us to Johor Bahru. On our way to Johor Bahru, I started texting my friends in Singapore whether they're free for meeting on the next day but of course, most of them had already made plans for the weekend.

Moving on, the three of us stayed overnight in Johor Bahru and went to Singapore on Sunday morning to join the Sunday Service at my church. We purposely left Johor Bahru earlier on last Sunday morning (and even changed Baby Naomi's pyjama to a dress when she's still asleep) so we could make it on time for the Sunday Service. However, unexpectedly, there were long queue in the Malaysian Immigration as early as 9 in the morning, my husband's autopass card was expired so we had to renew it in the counter before entering Singapore, an accident happened somewhere in Singapore after Woodlands that caused a short traffic jam and I totally forgot the exact location of the hotel where the Sunday Service was held (so yeah, we circled Tanglin and Orchard Road like three times before we got the place right!). Point is, don't trust woman for direction but you may trust the robotic woman's voice in your GPS.

Hello from Singapore!

Anyway, at around 11am (the Sunday Service started at 10am), the three of us finally reached the hotel.

I was so happy to meet some of my church friends and at the same time, introduce Baby Naomi to them in person too. Baby Naomi was all smiles when some aunties and uncles in the church wanted to carry her.

Baby Naomi meets Uncle Lukas.

Baby Naomi meets Uncle Harry.

After church, a good friend treated us for sumptuous Indonesian lunch in Lucky Plaza with his family and another old buddy of mine. Fortunately, these guys were able to empty their schedule for us that afternoon so we could catch up longer.

Once our stomachs were full, we decided to split our ways and my husband opted to go home as we still had a long way back to Seremban.

My church friends and I at the Orchard MRT Station, 
just before we headed home.

The complete group photo.

With that, we were only in Singapore for less than 5 hours. Definitely not enough.

Next time, I'd love to visit Singapore longer and promise myself to make better planning ahead so I can meet more pals and go to more places there.

All flowers in Gardens by the Bay, wait for me.

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