Monday, June 17, 2013

Naomi: 8 Months and 4 Weeks Old

Baby Naomi is turning 9 months old in four days' time and she's out growing her baby-ness really, really fast.

Cute, heh! Except her uneven fringe, of course.

As of today, she is teething her 7th and 8th teeth on her lower gum and still a very bitey baby. She's bitten her Daddy's hand real hard few times and actually left marks on my husband's hand when she could't find any teether nearby.

She still cruises and I think I witnessed Baby Naomi walked her first two steps independently late last night. She has not practised this feat again today.

Naomi has this weird obsession toward remote controls, hand phones and specs. I wonder why.

Baby Naomi is now able to show emotions very well, especially when she is frustrated or angry. When she's really angry, she makes gestures as if she jumps repeatedly in the same spot and at the same time moves her hands up and down whilst giving us her crying face with "huhuhuhu" sounds until we give her what she wants.

She would now open her arms and look at you when she wants to be carried.

Baby Naomi has found her voice and sometimes, is a little screamy for no apparent reason.

Baby Naomi can play by herself with her soft toys. She'd hold the toys in both hands and start talking to herself. She can't play with the other babies yet but loves to watch babies or kids around her.

These days, she loves making snapping sound with her tongue. I find it cute.

I still sing to her to get her attention or amuse her or lull her to sleep.

Her vocabularies are pretty much the same as last month. No mama word comes out from her mouth just yet.

Travelling with Baby Naomi by car without a baby car seat is a nightmare now because she can't sit still on my lap and moves around non-stop during the whole trip.

Baby Naomi can focus much better when I read her story books but her span of attention is still relatively short. Also, I need to constantly keep an eye on the book on my hand as I read to her because she can grab the book in the nick of time and put it in her mouth.

Baby Naomi still eats soft rice porridge (made from half cup of rice) twice a day and drinks water from straw cup few times in a day.

Baby Naomi's slumber still starts around midnight every day. She rises and shines in late morning so good thing is that she doesn't have to attend school early in the morning, huh! Recently her napping schedule has changed again so she naps only once a day but the duration is slightly longer than before.

Smile and smile like there is no tomorrow!

And of course, she's still generous in showering us with her sweet smile and I hope it won't change as she gets older.

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