Thursday, June 13, 2013

Happy Mom n Bub Photo Project: Week 1

Hello everyone!

As I would love to know more about my lovely (mom) readers (and their babies!) everywhere in this world, I am launching a mini weekly project in this blog called Happy Mom n Bub Photo Project.

Basically, in this project I will feature a picture capturing your happy time spent with your baby in my blog every Thursday. This way, all my blog readers and I will get to know you and your baby as well.

This invitation is open worldwide so it would be fantastic if you make this project merrier and come back to this blog every Thursday to see whether your photo is featured here, ok!

How to join this Happy Mom n Bub Photo Project:
  1. Add me on Facebook or Google Friend Connect or Twitter or Instagram, before you join this project.
  2. Send me a high-resolution photo of you (Mom and your baby) via email to mywanderingstory {at} gmail {dot} com. In that email, please tell me your name, your baby's name and the country of residence too. Minimum photo resolution accepted here is 1MB. It would be really nice if the picture you send to me is not blur nor dark and please don't forget to smile in your photo!
  3. If you are a Mom blogger as well, please include your (active) blog URL in the email so I can link you in this weekly photo project when your picture is featured here.

To start, here's a photo of Baby Naomi and me when we were in Cameron Highland for holiday last February.

Mommy Christine and Baby Naomi from Malaysia.

So Mommies out there, let's get this project going and do send me a happy photo of you and your little one real soon!




  1. Can't we just link to our flickr, Instagram, ShutterCal, or Facebook photos?

    1. We can, just pick either one for the linking party.

  2. Replies
    1. Hey! Thanks. You and your baby please join this project too ok! :)

  3. Replies
    1. Open to any child from birth to age of 3 for now :-)

  4. I will definitely join this project after my little bub turns one month old! Now he's still enjoying his time in my womb. :D

    1. Sure! I'll patiently wait for you and your bub's picture!


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