Saturday, June 22, 2013

Finally Fixed

My husband and I just brought Baby Naomi to a nearby hair salon. I was the one who initiated it.

The main reasons are (1) I could not stand looking at Baby Naomi's uneven fringe that was quite similar to stock market charts anymore. As her fringe grew longer, it didn't look better but looked even messier. In short, I could not wait until my Mom comes over to Malaysia again to fix Naomi's fringe as we have yet to schedule her next trip to Malaysia. (2) Quite often, when we were out and about, people would notice something strange on Baby Naomi's fringe and made remarks, "What happened to her hair? Why her hair is like this? This must be the Dad who did her hair like this. You cut this by yourself, didn't you? You should have done it when she was sleeping." Then I would point my finger at myself, put a guilty smile on my face and softly reply them, "Erm, it was actually me who did the feat. My husband has got nothing to do with it and was not involved in all this. I was not experienced in this.". In addition, I would also put the a little bit of blame to Baby Naomi who kept on moving around when I was attempting to trim her fringe. People's comments were not irritating; rather, I found their reactions and comments towards Naomi's hair were completely normal. I just thought of putting an end to this whole fringe comedy.

So here's a picture of Baby Naomi when she was having a quick styling the hair salon. She didn't cry nor scream but kept on moving her head here and there trying to get a good look at the guy who's cutting her hair from behind. This time around, Baby Naomi didn't eat the little hairs that fell onto her because I put a pacifier on her mouth and let her hold a plastic mug lid on her hands.

 Baby Naomi having her hair cut at the hair salon.

Anyway, her fringe looks so much better now but some parts of it can't be fixed because I cut that part way too short from the rests. They salon guy just could not salvage the too short bang unless he cut the whole fringe much shorter again to even it.

This is how she looks like now.

Does she look better now?

In the near future, I won't be acting as a hairdresser anymore. Being a hairdresser's daughter doesn't mean that I can cut hair like a barber. It is really wise to spend RM 5 for my tootsie' hair cut at a professional hair salon. This way, never again she's going through another bad hair day that lasts for weeks because of Mommy.


  1. Hi,I'm planning to cut my lil girls hair..she just turned 9mths. Which salon did your daughter have her hair cut?

    1. Do you live in Seremban? I cut my girl's hair in a hair salon in Seremban..


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