Friday, June 7, 2013

Drinking from the Straw Cup

When I began to teach Naomi to drink from a sippy cup, she made it really clear that she wasn't a big fan of spout. I tried giving her the sippy cup for almost three days but in the end, I gave up and turned to baby bottle again like usual.

Yesterday evening, I casually introduced Naomi a straw cup filled with water when she's about to eat her rice porridge. Before she had her porridge, I tried putting the straw into her mouth to see whether she can drink from it. This first attempt was a total failure. Naomi kept on biting the straw and must have thought that Mommy just gave her a new teether again. I was so sure that at this point, Naomi was still not aware that there's actually liquid inside the cup.

Then I let her eat her rice porridge and took her straw cup away.

After she finished eating her rice porridge, I tried offering her the straw cup again so she can drink some water. Again, she still didn't get the hang of it.

Moving on, I tried to lift the cup a little higher so she can easily suck the water from the straw but it didn't work either.

Soon, I began to wonder if the straw had a problem that made Naomi struggle so much in drinking through it. I drank a little bit of water from it to test the straw but there was no issue at all with the straw. After my little demonstration on how to drink from a straw cup, I passed the cup to Naomi again.

Naomi put the straw into her mouth, played with it for few seconds and suddenly, to my astonishment, she just knew how to drink from her straw! I was in awe but at the same time so happy that I almost did a silly dance in front of Naomi when I finally saw water going up into her tiny mouth through the semi-transparent straw.

Didn't she just flaunt her most impressive straw skill in mere moments after I taught her how to drink from a straw?

Proud of you, Baby N!

Not long after my 8 m/o baby realized her newly found straw prowess, she literally held her straw cup so tightly, refused to let her straw cup go and kept on drinking water from it until I took her cup away from her as she drank too much water already.

To conclude, I'm waving goodbye to sippy cup altogether and welcoming straw cup with wide open arms for Baby Naomi from now on.


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