Sunday, June 2, 2013

Drinking from Sippy Cup

A couple months ago during our stroll in IKEA Damansara store, I came across a really cute training beaker with handles. Its lid colour attracted me so much (light green!) and it cost relatively cheap (RM 6.90) so I bought it. I thought this training beaker would be a great sippy cup for Naomi's training in drinking from a cup and got very excited in introducing this cup to Naomi.

Few days later, I tested the training beaker filled with water on Naomi. Oh my, she was more interested in playing with this cup rather than trying to drink the water inside it. She kept on chomping the cup's beaker like a teether and turned the sippy cup upside down over and over again until everywhere around her got really wet due to the water she spilled from the cup.

Soon, I gave up and off her IKEA training beaker back to the storing drawer.

Weeks later, when we visited my home town in Indonesia, both husband and I purchased a really handy Pigeon's MagMag all-in-one training cup set which is specially designed for babies in learning how to drink.

Pigeon MagMag set.

The set contains a heat resistant cup with handles and cap complete with a nipple, a spout, a straw and a trainer lid. We thought this set would be perfect for Naomi's drinking set as the training cup is adjustable to guide a baby through all different drinking stages in four steps according to his or her age and progress.

The four complete drinking set from Pigeon.

Following is a chart about baby's drinking steps I found from Pigeon MagMag's box:

 Baby's drinking steps chart.

Based on the above chart, Naomi has clearly passed the stage one, the Nipple Cup, with flying colours. Thus, we set off to the second step, the Spout Cup, on her two days ago. Again, it was a flop attempt. In the beginning, the moment we offered her this cup, she was like "Give it to me! Give it to me!" and tried to grab the cup in my hand rather aggressively just like she grabbed the pacifier from her cousin last week. As the cup landed on her hands, she began playing with it like a toy and as we guided her to drink the water inside the cup through the spout; I think she found it rather difficult to sip from the spout and at one point got really frustrated with it and moved on with playing with the cup again. As a result, the cup tipped over many times and water messes for me to clean were everywhere.

This week's eye candy: Smile and smile like there is tomorrow!

Switching to a sippy cup ain't an easy business, me thinks. Some friends of mine whose babies are around Naomi's age shared the same sentiments with me on this department.

Moving on, I have two options: (1) Be extra patient and re-introduce sippy cup to Naomi again although it will be a slow going journey at first. (2) Bypass sippy cup altogether and go straight to straw cup.

What do you think?

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