Monday, May 27, 2013

Two Babies and One Pacifier

Yesterday late morning, Brother-in-Law came to our house and he brought his almost 1.5 y/o son along.

The baby battle over a pacifier begins.

Baby Naomi was a tad sleepy when my husband sat the boy and Naomi together in the sofa.

Then, the following happened:

Baby Naomi: "I'm sleepy. How come you have a pacifier and I don't? I sleep with a pacifier in my mouth, you know?"
En-En: "How would I know?"
Baby Naomi: "I think I want a pacifier too..."
En-En: "I don't know. Ask your Mom."
Baby Naomi: "Ugh!" *aggressively seized En-En's pacifier from his mouth*
En-en: "Aaak...!" *cried*

When this happened, MIL shouted at me, who was busy cleaning the dishes in my kitchen, and told me to quickly get Naomi's pacifier upstairs as she started grabbing her cousin's pacifier he was sucking.

Who says 8 m/o baby can't fight for the stuff she wants from older kid and she actually wins?

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