Thursday, May 9, 2013

Renewing Indonesian Passport in Malaysia

My long-term visa in Malaysia for this year is expiring real soon and since I plan to extend it with validity of more than 1 year to save annual troubles, I have to have enough empty pages in my passport book (which I didn't have). Thus, albeit my existing passport expiry date's next year, somehow I had to get a new passport book from the Indonesian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur.

After much delay in renewing passport book in the Indonesian Embassy Kuala Lumpur, my husband finally drove me to Kuala Lumpur yesterday and accompanied me applying my new passport book.

Glad I don't have to do this in the next 5 years.

The supporting documents requirements for extending an Indonesian passport book in Malaysia can be read from the Indonesian Embassy's official website here.

In a nutshell, based on the above-mentioned link, if we are not a maid/worker/student/expatriate in Malaysia, followings are the documents that we ought to bring if we plan to renew or make a new Indonesian passport book in Malaysia (provided our passport book is expiring soon or we run out of its empty pages, not because we lose the passport book):
  • A form for renewing passport (to be obtained in the information counter in the Indonesian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur)
  • Original (existing) passport book
  • A photocopy of passport record (the page with our photo, personal details and passport number)
  • A photocopy of valid visa (the page with visa sticker placed in the passport book)
  • A photocopy of Malaysian spouse's IC
  • A photocopy of marriage certificate(s)

Here are the steps in renewing the passport book once we arrive to the Indonesian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur:
  1. Go to the Information Counter and obtain the form for renewing passport (they may ask us to show our existing passport book before giving us the form and this form is free of charge)
  2. Fill the form 
  3. Queue at the gate opposite the Information Counter and show the filled form to get our queue number
  4. Find to the "Photo Room" to take our passport photo (this service is free of charge)
  5. Enter the big room in the middle (that has 25 counters) and wait for our queue number and assigned counter number to appear in the screen 
  6. Submit the filled form and all required supporting documents to the officer
  7. If our passport renewal application is successful, the officer will ask us to pay the processing fee and give us a receipt for collecting our new passport book
  8. Collect our new passport book in an area outside that big room (counters no. 27-30), near the exit passage. 

Yesterday, nobody told me the exact orders in submitting the documents to renew my passport book. The website doesn't state such information either. Thus, although the processes in renewing passport were supposedly pretty simple and textbook as I had done the same thing in Indonesian Embassy in Singapore years ago - the whole ordeals turned out really frustrating yesterday. Most of the staff in the Embassy in Kuala Lumpur were, sadly, somewhat unfriendly and not that 'helpful' in assisting me and there was no available information about the correct sequence in submitting the paperwork in the embassy compound; for instance, should I line up for the queue number first or get the form from the information counter first, should I submit the documents first or take photo first, where to collect the new passport book, etc.

By the way, don't be surprised if it takes about 3-4 hours to wait for our new passport book to be ready after application. We'd have to wait for your new passport book in the waiting/collection area with some 300 other people or so (one and each of them waits for the same thing that we want, the new passport book). Don't rely on the information shown in the screen in the collection area because it won't make our queue number appear again to let us know that our new passport book is ready. Instead, an officer will call our name using a loud microphone to let us know that your new passport book is now good for collection. Once we miss his call, we'd have to wait again until he calls our name again.

Total fee: RM 75 for a passport book with 48 pages
Required working day(s): Immediate. Collection of new passport book is on the same day of application.

** Please note that this information is based on my personal experience and subject to change in accordance with any amendments to the rules and regulations from the Indonesian Embassy in Malaysia.


  1. thanks, your information is very important to me, i envy your courage to share this information.two thumbs

  2. Hi, the information is very useful. Anyway, how if i am student? what requirement I need to prepare then? Thank you

  3. Hi Christine,

    Thanks for the useful information.
    For the marriage certificate, do you submit all Singapore marriage cert, Malaysia marriage register, and Indonesia marriage register?

    Do you know whether we need to legalize the Singapore marriage certificate at Singapore High Commission KL and get it endorsed by Malaysian Ministry of Foreign Affairs? Someone told me to get the above done, before I'm able to submit the passport renewal request. Tried calling and facebook messaging KBRI KL, but no answer/reply from them.

    As It's my first time renewing my Indonesian passport at KL, thus I'm preparing all the necessary documents before hand.

    Thank you so much!

    1. Hi, yes better bring the original and copied documents of all the marriage certificate. However, I am not too sure with the process for this now because the Indo Embassy in KL often has new rules on this.

      The latest procedure I went through for this is documented in the below link:



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