Saturday, May 4, 2013

Naomi: 7 Months and 2 Weeks Old

How time flashes before my eyes. In less than 5 months from today, I will help my little baby blow the candles on her first birthday cake!

At 7.5 months old, Baby Naomi sports four very sharp teeth. All of her teeth have grown in correct order - two middle teeth, each pair grows on her upper and bottom gums. She has gap between her two pearly whites on the upper gum but I heard this gap is normal and nothing to sweat about.

Can you see my four teeth?

At this age, Baby Naomi has shown a separation anxiety towards Mommy and Daddy. Most of the times, she begins to cry as soon as one of us is out of her sight. These days, whenever I need to do something in the kitchen, I would have to bring her baby chair to the kitchen, let her sit there and see me get busy in the kitchen. Else, you can guess what happens next. A howling talent show indeed. What a clingy baby.

Baby Naomi is always in the mood of pulling everything, including my hair and specs. Doesn't she know that Mommy's lost a lot of hair already due to post-partum hair loss?

Baby Naomi likes to examine, pull and chew my necklace. I think it's because every baby usually is very interested with something shiny in general?

Mom, can I have some bling-bling too please?

Last March, I mentioned that Baby Naomi loves being held in standing position whilst bouncing up and down. Over the space of a month or so, Baby Naomi's development has progressed at lightning speed. In the beginning, she crawled like a big fat desert lizard commonly documented in Animal Planet. Then, she crawled faster using her abdomen. I call this the crocodile style. Now she bolts on all her fours to pick whatever things she can find. The perfect crawl.

Recently, Baby Naomi can stand up all by herself. Both husband and I were horrified when we first found out that she's now strong enough to hold onto something and stand up independently. On some odd times, Baby Naomi'd try to stand up hands-free for few seconds on our bed and of course, we'd catch her before she falls. This is why; both husband and I had lowered the base of her baby cot and playpen so she won't climb out.

I am going to walk sooner than you thought, y'all!

Baby Naomi's vocabulary has increased from just Pa Pa Pa Pa to other words like Eh Eh EhAh Ah Ah and Ce Ce Ce Ce but no Ma Ma Ma Ma just yet. I guess I still have to patiently wait for that one fine day when I hear those miraculous words coming from my chirpy baby's mouth.

On the singing department, Baby Naomi is still crazily in love with Mommy's singing so I am involuntarily tasked to learn and memorize lyrics of more kiddie songs to avoid boredom.

I guess that's all about Baby Naomi's milestones that I can remember now.

P/S: Slow down, Baby!

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