Monday, May 20, 2013


Since her first stand-up act début about three weeks ago, Baby Naomi's development milestones have grown faster than a speeding bullet train and now she's proficient at standing up hands free for 5-10 seconds and making a one small jump before she topples and falls down.

Cruising - A journey toward walking independently?

On top of that, Baby Naomi has started cruising or walking while holding on to furniture. I don't know why Baby Naomi is always so amused when she stands up or cruises. She never fails to throw us her happy smiles, showcase her five baby teeth whilst saying "hihihihihi" or giggle whenever she does this.

Anyway, all these are indeed quite exciting development milestones to watch for us parents as Baby Naomi constantly wows us with her new skills; however, now both husband and I have to closely monitor Baby Naomi whenever she's awake as we can't really leave her unattended for a long time.

Last week, both husband and I decided to retire Baby Naomi's baby cot which has loyally served her in the past seven months or so. Both of us wanted to minimize the risks of having Baby Naomi's fall down from our bed or hit her head on the baby cot's wooden slats (despite the cot's bumper); thus we have put a mattress on the floor next to our bed for Baby Naomi's toy-land and bed at night.

What's next, Baby N? Walking solo soon?

P/S: Happy 8 months old baby! 


  1. Wow, Naomi is really fast! My son who is 5 days older than Naomi is still struggling to crawl. And he only has one tooth for now.
    And Christine, Naomi looks exactly like you in this pic :)

    - Sabita -

    1. Thanks, Sabita! Don't worry much about your son. Every baby's development milestones are different. His teeth will come more sooner or later :)


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