Monday, May 27, 2013

A Bad Haircut

For the past couple of weeks, I have been a bit concerned with Naomi's fringe that has grown pretty long and almost touched her eyes.

My hairdresser Mom who usually handles Naomi's hair had once taught me how to cut Naomi's fringe. While she demonstrated the simple fringe cutting methods to me, I think I did pay attention to her but at the same time went like "Ya, ya, ya! Got it. I can do this. Don't worry. Easy."  I mean - hello, I saw my Mom cut thousands of people's hair in her hair salon for how many years already? 

So yes, I was too clever by half and very adamant with the thought that cutting my baby's fringe should be as easy as remembering A B C and no trip to a beauty salon is required. Period.

Long story short, on last Saturday evening, I took a very brave step in cutting my baby's fringe all by myself, using the scissors that my Mom left in my house.

Chop, chop, chop.

(Naomi kept on moving around in her high chair while I was busy cutting a bit of her fringe and got panicky when she started eating her hair that fell onto her.)

Ta-da. Here's the result.

What have I done to you, Baby N?

Uneven and way too short fringe that makes Baby Naomi looks a little bit like Spock of Star Trek.

The moment I finished cutting her fringe, I thought I did a brilliant job and Naomi's new fringe looked so ah-mazing and cute. Then, I took a photo of her in my iPhone.

After I washed my hands, I opened the photo that I took in my phone and only then I realized how bad her new fringe looks now. I almost burst into tears.

I was so sorry and still am beyond remorseful now.

One friend advised me to trim Naomi's fringe again when she's sleeping, which is a good idea. Another friend told me to put a plastic bowl on Naomi's head and cut her fringe following the bowl's shape when she's asleep. I politely replied them, "No more DIY haircut as I worried my baby would be fringe-less after the second attempt.".

A haircut gone wrong is indeed a living nightmare. Even for babies.

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