Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sitting Independently

Last week, I mentioned that Baby Naomi was not able to sit independently just yet.

This morning (April 2nd, 2013, 12.20am to be exact) was the monumental moment when my husband and I witnessed our baby girl sit without toppling over for the first time. Another new milestone!

 Yehey! I can sit all by myself when I am 6.5 months old!

The story began when my husband tried to tug Baby Naomi to bed last night. Somehow, past midnight, she was still so awake and was busy playing on her baby cot. She kept on rolling her body over again and again then propped herself up on all of her fours and held her chest off the ground whilst moving backward - all these were done under her new comforter (imagine a kid playing under a blanket). Half an hour past by. Baby Naomi was still not tired and didn't want to sleep. My husband lifted her up and put her in her baby cot in a sitting position. At first, he was holding her body when she was sitting. Then, slowly he let his hands off her body and voilĂ ! Seconds later, she was still in her sitting position. Smiling. No toppling.

So happy with her first independent sitting experience.

I guess, crawling or even standing up is next?


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