Thursday, April 11, 2013

Making Baby Food: Mixing Sweet Corn

I love sweet corn, be it steamed, grilled or put in a soup! A clear soup that contains sweet corn always presents fragrant aroma and gives delicious natural mild sweet taste.

I remember I craved sweet corns like a mad woman and literally ate a cup of steamed sweet corn with butter from the local malls almost on every weekend!

Recently, I experimented with sweet corn for my baby's rice porridge. I am aware that it is way too early to feed with my baby with corn so I just use sweet corn to flavour her soft rice porridge together with beef.

What I do is thickly cut/slice about 1/4 or 1/3 of a corn after its husks and silk are removed. Then, I cleanly wash the sweet corn slices before cooking them together with rice, beef and other veggies of the day in a pan. I do not remove all the corn kernels off the cob for her porridge because it is not the time for her to eat corn as baby food just yet. As such, after her soft porridge is well cooked, I run the congee with the veggies (without the corn and beef) in a strainer before feeding the porridge to my baby. Usually, my husband and I are the ones who would eat the boiled sweet corn from her porridge.

Followings are some variations of baby's soft rice porridge that I've experimented using sweet corn and beef as the main source of flavour. Rice porridge with sweet corn and beef sure smells very fragrant and my baby takes her soft porridge's new flavour without a fuss.

Soft rice porridge with red spinach.

Soft rice porridge with spinach and carrot.

Soft rice porridge with broccoli, carrot and a little bit of sweet potato.

P/S: Please always consult with your paediatrician first when it comes to introducing solid foods to your baby as some foods may pose allergy risks for your baby.

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