Friday, April 26, 2013

Chrysanthemums and A Mini Drama

Last Sunday, my aunt and cousin organized a quick and simple family get-together in one of my cousin’s chrysanthemum plantations which is located about 1 hour away from my parents' house in Indonesia.

When my Mom broke the news that my aunt was going to prepare some home-made traditional Indonesian food spread as well for the afternoon gathering, I was jumping with joy and looked forward to this ‘picnic’ day. It was my second time visiting my cousin’s chrysanthemum plantation but was my husband’s virgin trip.

My Mom joined my aunt’s car to get to the plantation and took Baby Naomi with her. My husband and I joined my sister and her husband in their car and another passenger in their car was our 4 y/o niece.

The driving route that we had to go through to reach my cousin’s plantation was pretty tough. Since the plantation is located in a highland, undoubtedly we had to drive through lots of winding roads, with tight and narrow turns. The air-conditioner inside my sister's car happened to be totally broken down last Sunday so all of us had to open the car’s windows and let the natural wind from outside keep us cool.

More than half of the journey we went through was a breeze. My niece who was sitting on my sister’s lap was sleeping and we, the adults, were chit-chatting on our way to the plantation. Whilst I was busy breathing in the cold crisp air from outside my window, admiring at the forest views surrounded us and daydreaming about the delicious lunch spread that my Aunt had prepared for us, I was then flabbergasted by my sister’s loud and long scream. “AAAAAKKK!!!”

My brother-in-law, husband and I were like “WTH is happening?”

Seemingly, my niece who was sleeping in my sister’s lap just vomited all of her breakfast the moment she opened her eyes from her nap. By now the whole car already smelled like vomit (and there gone my appetite for sumptuous lunch!). 

My brother-in-law had to pull over and find some water to clean my sister’s body and his front car seat which were all well-covered by my niece’s vomit. Big bottle of mineral water was not enough to wipe everything clean. Luckily, the nearby villager was kind enough to lend us the tap water outside her house so my sister can clean her body and clothes up a little bit. 

Meanwhile, my husband and I felt obligated to find any shop which sold clothes along the road. We walked and walked and walked but no shop in this village sold any kid or adults clothes. Some villagers and fruit sellers pointed us to go to a wet market further down some villages which may have some clothes sellers but unfortunately, by the time we finally reached the market lot, the morning market was already over. The only things we managed to bring back were a set of under-sized clothes for my chubby niece, one Lifebuoy bar soap and some detergent sachets. Still, better than nothing right?

Anyway, about 45 minutes later and few calls from my Mom, all of us finally arrived safely to my cousin’s one-hectare chrysanthemum plantation. 

Welcoming greets from chrysanthemums!

Soon, my aunt began to serve all of the food that she’s prepared from home and our feast was officially began. For few minutes, I forgot about my niece’s vomit and its horrible smell. Our spicy lunch was so finger-licking good and I miss it so badly now!

Lunch, lunch, lunch!

Grandma and us.

 Flower baby.

Even baby can't resist blooming chrysanthemums!

After lunch, my cousin took all of us to a tour in his plantation. The beautiful chrysanthemum blooms in various species were way, way too hard to resist. And yes, of course we took tons of photos of the flowers and with the flowers.  

Love this place.

 Aren't they so pretty, even before they bloom?

My Mom, niece and baby.

Harvesting chrysanthemums.

Overall, we all had a really nice family gathering in a really nice place which I had not had for a long time. We witnessed countless happy smiles in adults' and kids' faces that day and it’s such a memorable bright Sunday.

My brother who can't stop kissing Baby Naomi.

Finally, before I end this post, here are two beautiful chrysanthemums pictures taken from my cousin's plantation to appreciate:

White chrysanthemums.

Green chrysanthemums.

*The above chrysanthemum plantation is a private premise, so it's not open to public.

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