Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I had an online chat with my brother earlier today. We talked about his on-going thesis progress, our parents, my baby and my blog. Then, he randomly asked if I still do some gardening at home. I answered,  "Of course!"

I currently maintain around a dozen pots of orchids, a big lime tree from my Mother-in-Law, a pot of pandan and few more other potted plants in my garden. On top of that, I recently planted lots of bird's eye chilli seeds in a pot and I give lots of love by watering all of them every single day. Now look how much they've grown from just seeds!

My bird's eye chilli babies look like they're singing, aren't they?

My husband and I love the idea of growing chilli plants in our garden mostly because of convenience reason. It's just more convenient and economical to have ready-to-be plucked fresh red chillies just outside our house whenever we need some.

Seemingly, my husband also threw some chilli pepper seeds on a soil in a bigger pot weeks ago and lots of them have turned into seedlings by now.

Our red chilli seedlings.

We are going to Indonesia as a family for the first time in a couple of days and I hope my chilli babies won't dry up, wilt or wither when I return home.

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