Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Checking Out Toddie Baby Spa

I am currently having a short vacation in my hometown in Indonesia with Baby Naomi and husband. While I am in my hometown, I am maximizing my chance to relax and do all the things that I want to do, eat, buy or try here. One of the things that I want to try whilst I am in my hometown is taking Baby Naomi to a Baby Spa House, which is now quite popular in some big cities in Indonesia.

Earlier today, we finally had the opportunity to let Baby Naomi enjoy her very first spa session at Toddie Baby Spa. I booked one spa slot for Baby Naomi yesterday basically to avoid any potential queue in the Spa House.

So what happens during a baby spa session?

A typical complete baby spa session starts with aqua swim (suitable for babies aged 3-15 months old) for 15-20 minutes in warm water. From the Spa House's brochure, I learn that aqua swim is perfect to optimize baby's development, let him or her relax, practice his or her balance and learn to adapt to a new environment.

Testing the warm water's temperature before taking a dip!

Baby Naomi was a bit tensed when the friendly spa therapist put her into the tub for the first time as it was technically her first swimming experience but everything was a smooth sailing after that.

The aqua swimming session's officially on!

The colorful tubs in the spa house for the aqua swim.

During the whole swimming session, Baby Naomi was very serious in chasing the floating balls and other squeaky toys in the tub so she moved and kicked a lot inside the water until her forehead was sweaty. Good thing was that she didn't cry at all and did very well in moving around inside the water with her neck ring. In fact, during today's aqua swim session, I foresaw the possibility of me wiping away my tears of joy with a tissue when seeing Baby Naomi winning the Olympics Swimming Gold Medal, say in the year of 2032. Just joking.

Baby Naomi and her float.

Next, the spa therapist took Baby Naomi out of the tub after about 10 minutes of swimming session because she started making noises and we all took those cues as possible signs that she's had enough of swimming for today.

Give me those balls!

Moving on, the spa therapist dried Baby Naomi's wet body with a towel and placed her to the massage room. Then, the licensed spa therapist began massaging Baby Naomi's body with olive oil. The moment the spa therapist began massaging Baby Naomi's little foot real gently and carefully, I started to envy my baby as I would not mind a relaxing full body massage too! I believe baby spa didn't exist some 30 years ago so yeah, these days some babies are so lucky to experience a spa session at such young age. Anyway, other than olive oil, baby oil and minyak telon were the available massage oil options but I chose olive oil for Baby Naomi as it's the most common oil used during baby massage session.

Toys to distract baby during Baby Massage session.

During the 30 minutes' massage session, Baby Naomi actively moved around, rolled her body over and over again and was super busy eating and playing with many toys surrounded her to the point that I think the already patient spa therapist was incredibly challenged in completing the whole baby massage session.

Almost done, baby!

My Dad and I, who accompanied Baby Naomi's massage session, were sweating like a pig because we needed to constantly watch Baby Naomi's moving around in the massage mat to make sure that she doesn't hit anything and the spa therapist could finish her job well.

Yay! Let's go home.

Once the baby massage session was over, the spa therapist cleaned Baby Naomi's body with a damp cloth so she'd feel more comfortable on our way home. Before we left the Spa House, the massage therapist let us weigh Baby Naomi and measure her current height too.

From what I understand, baby massage (suitable for babies/kids aged 0-7 years old) is good to improve blood circulation, overcome baby's sleep problems, increase appetite, reduce stress and calm baby, to name a few. In the end, what my friend said about the after-effect of Baby Spa session is correct: Baby Spa makes baby sleeps better - because Baby Naomi just had her longest evening nap ever since we arrived in Indonesia last week.

The playground in the Spa House.

 The baby shop inside the spa house for Moms who need some retail therapy.

Finally, here are some quick tips for parents before visiting a Baby Spa House:

  • Bring baby to a Baby Spa House after he or she takes her nap as sleepy baby tends to be very fussy and may not be in his or her best mood during the spa session
  • Bring pairs of socks to the Spa House as the accompanying adults maybe required to wear socks inside the Baby Massage Room for hygiene reasons. Otherwise, you may need to buy a brand new pair of socks (or more) on the spot.
  • Give baby a bath one hour after the spa session to optimize the spa's effects.

A spa session that includes 15 minutes Aqua Swim and 30 minutes of Baby Massage sessions costs Rp. 170.000,- (around RM 57) at normal price or Rp. 136.000,- (around RM 43) for member price. Do make advanced appointment before coming to the spa house to ensure that there is an empty slot for your baby and also give the spa therapist an ample time to prepare all the necessary stuff for the spa session.

**Toddie Baby Spa**
Kombes Pol M. Duriyat No. 14-16, Blok 15A, Surabaya (+62 31 5464 555)
Supermal Pakuwon Indah G 57-58, Surabaya (+62 31 739 0227)
Jl. Puncak Esberg U2 No. 3, Raya Tidar, Malang (+6231 578 488)

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