Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Checking Out Aquaria KLCC

My parents were in Malaysia the whole last week and over the weekend, I was scratching my head thinking of possible sightseeing places in West Malaysia so they wouldn't be too bored just staying at home.

Penang was too far to go. It was too late to go to overnight in Ipoh as my Dad was pretty tired from his medical check-up that he did the whole Saturday morning. Bukit Tinggi doesn't really offer many things to see. Legoland in Johor was probably not suitable for my parents. We’re not too interested with heavy shopping in big malls again.

In the end, on Sunday late morning, I suggested a place to go to my husband - the Aquaria KLCC. I think it’s a not bad place to check out since my parents had never gone to any living ocean exhibit before.

In less than an hour after we decided to go to Aquaria KLCC, off we went to the most populous city in Malaysia.

Suria KLCC was extremely packed last Sunday. Both husband and I are not regular visitors of Suria KLCC so we didn't know how to get to Aquaria KLCC from there. Shortly, we approached one of the staff in the Concierge desk and she pointed us the way to get to the oceanarium from Suria KLCC. It’s not hard to find Aquaria KLCC but it’s a long walk from Suria KLCC. We had to make our way through an underpass tunnel to get there and it felt like we had to walk and walk and walk like there's no tomorrow to reach Aquaria KLCC. I almost gave up when going there because I was pretty sure I would never reach there by foot. We should have just parked our car somewhere near the Aquaria KLCC.

Minutes later, we finally reached the entrance of Aquaria KLCC.

My husband had to queue for a long time to buy the visitor tickets because Aquaria KLCC was equally crammed as Suria KLCC.

Anyway, here are more stories of the marine life and other crawly creatures above water that we witnessed inside Aquaria KLCC.

The moment we entered Aquaria KLCC, we were welcomed by a large Piranha Tank, which is apparently Malaysia’s first Piranha Tank. We’re supposed to see the piranhas’ feeding session at 4pm but we missed it.

The Piranha Tank.

Moving on, there were three Touch Pools where visitors can get up-close and personal with some gentle reef creatures. However, just like most people, we were not too keen to feel live sea cucumber on our palm so we would rather just watch them. Both my husband and Mom stuck in front these pools for a pretty long time as they listened to a staff explaining the reef creatures inside the Touch Pools. 

Checking out the Touch Pool.

Next, we explored Jewels of the Jungle which hosts lots of living land-bound animals such as snakes, gekkos, tarantulas, frogs and other creepy amphibians that I would rather see from far away. I have actually seen some of the animals in Batu Secret Zoo, Indonesia that I visited a couple years ago.

Don't know what frog this is.

I was relieved when we’re finished with this department because some of the crawly animals did make my hair in my arms stood up. I was a happier person when I checked out the creatures of the deep sea and fresh water as somehow some of them were pretty beautiful and cute. The prehistoric monster fish from Amazon caught my parents' attention best as they never saw anything gigantic like them in real life before. 

Posing with Alligator Gar Fish.

As seen on TV, Arapaima Gigas, are giants.

Finally, we arrived to the 90-metre tunnel tank with moving travelator where we could marvel at sharks, stingrays, marine turtles and other sea creatures swimming around unhindered in the vast oceanarium. 

 The Oceanarium.

The travelator happened to be broken down when we were there, so we walked slowly when exploring the marine life surrounded us whilst we rubbed shoulders with other visitors and took photos with my husband's iPhone at the same time.

Yes, that's a shark swimming above my Dad and the rests of us.

Soon, after we're done with absorbing the aquatic life inside the tunnel tank without getting our feet wet, we concluded our visit to Aquaria KLCC.

In summary, I think Sentosa's Underwater World in Singapore is slightly bigger and has more sea creatures' collection than Aquaria KLCC. Nevertheless, overall, it's a fun day in Aquaria KLCC. The place is clean and well maintained. 

I was happy to introduce Aquaria KLCC to my parents as when they go back home, they'd have one more sightseeing experience from Malaysia under their belts.

**Aquaria KLCC**
Councourse level, Kuala Lumpur Convention Center, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone: +60 3 2333 1888
Ticket price: Adult (RM 38), Child (RM 28), Senior Citizen (RM 28), free of charge for infants


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