Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Baby Toys

I used to be very adamant and once, promised to myself that I would never over-flood my house and baby with toys. Too many toys scattered through every room of the house are just way too hard to tidy up. Not to mention that they collect considerable amount of dust too when the novelty wears off. They do not come cheap and a child would normally lose interest in specific toys soon enough. However, as time went by, three different toys were just not enough to entertain my baby. I even got bored with the three of them. Needless to say, my husband and I bought more and more toys for our doll. My bedroom has become my baby's day and night toy-land. Furthermore, I have even dedicated a special drawer to keep my baby's toys that are now quite many to keep in a small box.

Recently, I mentioned that Baby Naomi is now able to entertain herself. She's no longer that 'dependent' on me. These days, I always throw lots of toys on my bed few times in a day for my baby to get busy with. With that, I can treat myself with some me-time to watch my 8.30pm tear-jerking Korean drama series do all the things that I want to do; although I must keep a close eye on Baby Naomi playing by herself every once in a short while.

Also, Baby Naomi has clearly shown lots of interests in toys that they have become my must-have on-the-go items whenever I go out the house with baby. Baby toys now serve their purpose as my life-savers in dealing with fussy baby, just like a pacifier or a bottle of warm milk does.

Mommy, please play with me.

Here are some types of toys that I have introduced to my baby thus far:

Music/chime toys
Toys with music and chimes are confirmed so noisy and at times, irritating too, if played repeatedly. Nevertheless, I must say that they do work wonder in catching baby's attention for good few minutes. So yeah, I bought few of them.

Rattle toys
They are equally noisy as chime toys but babies love and enjoy them. Seems like each hard shake of a rattle makes one baby a very proud little human being and I can't figure out why. We've got a couple of rattle toys for Baby Naomi at home.

Bright coloured teether
My baby is in the phase of touching everything that she can lay her eyes on and grab her hands on, then puts the thing into her mouth. She is also currently teething her second batch of two teeth in her upper gum and loves biting random stuff like her Dad's hand palm, my arm or my shoulder. Therefore, to fix these problems, I love presenting drool-ready teether with soft gel edges to test her new chompers and soothe her gums at the same time.

Stuffed toys or soft toys
Soft toys are cute and washables. Also, they are pretty good in keeping baby's company for some period of time. They are designed colourfully and come in various shapes so they can be used as learning toys as well. As of today, we have probably kept more than twenty soft toys at home and in the car.

"Fresh vegetables.. Offer! Offer! Buy one, get one free!"

Speaking of soft toys, the following is our favourite soft toys that my husband and I bought for Baby Naomi:

Our favourite vegetables and fruits toys.

After I posted the above toys picture in my Instagram, some of my friends asked me where I got the Vegetables set and Fruits set for my baby. Here's the answer: I bought them in IKEA. Both my husband and I find that these toys are really adorable, educative, colourful, not too pricey and have baskets that make everything much easier to organize after baby's playing time is over.

Last but not least, I plan to get easy-to-hold soft books for my baby as they seem to be pretty good toys for baby to explore but have yet to buy one as they are pretty expensive.

So tell me, what are your favourite toys for your little one?

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