Saturday, April 20, 2013

Baby Naomi's First Studio Photos

Professional pictures are sure to be special keepsakes. Thus, one of the things in my to-do-list whilst I am visiting my hometown, other than bringing Baby Naomi to a Baby Spa house, is to take family studio photos with Baby Naomi. The perk of this time's family studio photo shoot was to do the photo shoot together with my best friendher baby girl and husband.

From the moment my best friend and I confirmed the slot for this joint studio photo shoot, both of us were beyond excited and really looked forward to a super-duper fun photo session.

Weeks later, the D-Day finally came and it was on the second day my husband, baby and I arrived to Indonesia.

I was expecting really fun photo session that're full of giggles, laughter and lots of "Aahhh!" "Ooooh!" "So cuteeee!" But no, they didn't really happen.

Truth is, my friend and I (together with our husbands) had to sweat ourselves so much in attempts to make our babies smile and we almost could not relax or catch up during the whole photo session. We've danced, clapped our hands, made silly faces, sung favorite kiddie songs, shaken lots of rattle toys - you name it, to make our babies showcase their smiling faces in this rare opportunity. My friend succeeded in making her baby smile many times and I failed. Moreover, it was equally not easy either to calm our fussy babies who, at many points, were not cooperative and in their best mood to smile and strike a pose, unlike their Moms.

Anyway, I was really surprised to see the final results of the studio photos when the photographer presented them to me two days ago. They all look so good and Baby Naomi, albeit her stingy smile, looks adorable and amazingly cute in all shots. In short, I selected all the photos that the photographer wanted me to choose and ended purchasing three extra pictures because I could not bear not keeping the soft copies of Baby Naomi's first studio photos.

After this experience, I still want to take more and more studio photos with Baby Naomi in the near future. Taking studio photos is so addictive, don't you agree?

Here are some of the results of Baby Naomi's first studio photos for your eye candy:

Not your typical orange.

 Our first proper family photo.

Hey, baby, baby!

Cute in pink! 
Thanks for the headband, Aunt Astrid!

My bestie, me and our babies.

Last but not least, followings are some tips in taking baby for studio photo shoot, based on my personal experience:

  1. Make sure your baby is fed and has taken his or her nap before the photo session. 
  2. Bring lots of toys to distract your baby's attention and entertain him or her during photo session.
  3. Don't hesitate to dress your baby in bright and solid color outfits for the picture day as they will photograph well. However, make sure that those outfits are comfortable for your baby to wear. Don't forget to bring the matching accessories too, if any.
  4. Bring outfits (for parents) that match the color of the baby's outfits. You won't regret somewhat matching wardrobe choices for the family photo session.
  5. If the photo shoot is taken in a completely new environment, give your baby a couple of days to adapt in the new place and get used to meeting new people before the photo shoot day. My mistake was to take Baby Naomi to a photo session a day after we landed to Indonesia. She was probably still tired from our long-distance overseas trip and was not used to be seen and talked by total strangers around her. As a result, she barely smiled and showed us her four pearly whites during the photo session.
  6. Don't forget to bring extra diapers, feed and so on in the diaper bag just like how we are out and about with baby as per usual.

Photo studio by Flashback Photoworks
Baby Naomi's pink headband by Ribbon Madness
The rests are own collection.

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