Thursday, March 28, 2013

Naomi: 6 Months Old

Baby Naomi is 6 months old and 8 days today and it's been a while since I last updated my blog with her development milestones.

Exactly 6 months old when these pictures were taken.

Baby Naomi loves to blow a raspberry since few weeks ago and although we found this ability quite cute in the beginning; this skill is now pretty much irritating especially if there's food in her mouth.

She still loves smiling and her smile usually melts adults' hearts.


Overall, she is still a camera-savvy baby.

I'm ready when you're ready snapping my picture.

She still sports two teeth on her bottom gum.

She now can roll her body over unassisted and effortlessly from back to front and back to front. In fact, the first thing she does when she opens her eyes every single morning is rolling over. Thank God there is a baby cot. Putting clothes or diaper on her has become a difficult task as she constantly rolls over. During the day, my husband or I have to pay a close attention to Baby Naomi as she rolls over very fast and we don't want her to fall down or hit something.

She is an expert in bouncing up and down. This said, she loves being held in standing position so she can repeatedly bounce and use my thighs as her platform.

She has yet to be able to sit all by herself without support. She'll surely topple after two seconds of sitting all by herself.

She grabs everything and anything she can get her eyes and paws on. Scary. Once she gets something on her hands, she will put that thing into her mouth in no time.

Baby Naomi's language skills are soaring these days. Her latest vocabulary is Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa and of course, this particular milestone makes my husband flies straight to cloud nine whenever he hears his little girl says this line.

Self-pictures with Dad.

Baby Naomi was famous for being a little social butterfly until last Sunday when we started noticing that now she can recognize people and cries bloody murder when strangers try to talk to her.

She's such a good hang-out buddy for my husband and me. I guess we are so used with her being around now.

She understands playing with toys and can entertain herself with some soft toys, rattles or teether during her tummy time. Baby toys and teether are now must-have items in my diaper bag whenever we leave the house.

She loves hearing me singing same-old baby songs over and over again so last night, I finally recorded my diva voice singing in iPhone's Voice Memo so either my husband or I can play the songs I sang whenever one of us is not free to sing.

Sing again, Mom!

She eats home-made soft rice porridge twice a day, fruit puree once a day (provided if I keep the fruit stock) and drinks formula milk 5-6 times a day. I spare 45 mins to 1 hour every morning to cook her rice porridge. I also let Baby Naomi munch a small piece of baby biscuit once in a while.

She naps once in late morning and once more in late afternoon. Her good night sleep usually begins around midnight andon some crazy nights, she only starts snoozing at 2am. Normally, she wakes up at 5am or 6am for milk before continuing her slumber again until around 9am.

Her weight is 8.6kg and length is 70cm as of yesterday.

Oh how much different she is from 3 months ago. No, from a month ago.


  1. Baby Naomi is so adorable :)

    Get her used to sleeping early. Corrine sleeps very late everyday, and it's really hard to adjust her sleeping time.

  2. Thanks John! Naomi has been an owl since the beginning. We have tried to make her at sleep before 11pm few times before but around half an hour later, she woke up and became very awake. Then, she only got back to sleep again around 2am until morning. That's why we'd rather keep her busy and tired until midnight so we can sleep earlier too.


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