Sunday, March 10, 2013

Featured in BabyTalk Malaysia Magazine's March 2013 Issue

This whole week, I literally searched high and low for BabyTalk Malaysia Magazine's latest issue. I exactly remember I went to four different book stores in Seremban in four days in a row just to find out whether this magazine's March 2013 issue's already in the news-stand. To my disappointment, it was not. This month, BabyTalk Magazine arrived late in Seremban.

Anyway, I didn't give up searching and yesterday, I checked another book store once more and was so happy (plus anxious at the same time) to see that this month's issue is finally right in front of my eyes!

I was even more happier to see that my short opinion and picture are featured on the magazine's page 8 under the "Mummy Says" section.

Yay! Baby Naomi and I are featured under the "Mummy Says" again.

By the way, my husband already thinks that I'm crazy for not giving up in searching the latest issue of BabyTalk magazine and thinking about this magazine's arrival day and night.

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