Saturday, February 9, 2013


Babies sprout their first teeth since the dawn of time but do you know that a baby who shows her first white cap can really create breaking news amongst family and friends, as if teething never happened to other babies in this planet before this baby? Teething becomes a particularly top story to close relatives and friends usually if the baby is the first newborn, first/youngest grandchild in the family and considered an early developer when her first tooth appears for the first time.

8 February 2013 was the day when we found out that our baby was teething.

Baby Naomi is around 4.5 months old now and last night, I was so shocked when my husband screamed at me saying, "Ahhh! Baby has a tooth already! Come over and see this!". I quickly bent down and checked my baby's lower gum. Indeed, I saw her first tooth bud in her lower gum. I am not sure if I was supposed to be very happy with this milestone as I also felt a bit 'lazy' in entertaining a notoriously fussy teething baby. Anyway, teething will somehow happen to a baby sooner or later; so perhaps teething in such early age, although this is very common, might not be a bad thing after all.

Not long after my husband and I discovered our baby's first white cap, I texted my Dad, my sister and some close friends who are also new Moms. My husband dialled his Mom's cellphone and told her that her youngest grandchild is teething. Most of them are surprised to learn that Naomi sprouts her first tooth at only four months old plus of age. Significant milestone, eh?

My tiny baby is growing up so fast!

Anyway, heavy drooling and very excessive biting behaviour (teether to the rescue!) were some obvious teething symptoms that my baby experienced in the past few weeks. She's been having on-and-off mild runny nose too in the past week but this may not justify her new tooth arrival as when I asked the health assistant in the clinic last week - she says runny nose, low fever or flu are not the signs of teething.

When did your baby start getting his/her first tooth and what were the symptoms?


  1. I read that girls tend to teeth faster than boys! My Dylan is 6 months old now, drooling and biting a lot but still no clear signs of a white cap at all lol.

    I cannot imagine how breastfeeding will be like, since they love to bite so much when they are teething!

    1. I guess my baby is really an early developer when it comes to teething. Relax. Your boy's teeth will somehow show up anyway. Hehe. Yeah.. I don't know how mothers can continue breastfeeding with teething babies! Ouch!

  2. My lil' Kai is 5.5 months now and still no signs of teething. He has been drooling excessively since the 3rd month and has now developed chomping tendencies on everything he can stuff into his little mouth. He does have low grade fevers now and then and MIL said it was due to teething - not fun.

    Big sis lil' Ee on the other hand was a late bloomer when it came to teething - nothing on that front until way after 6 months.

    1. Some babies are like that. My 13 month old niece started teething very late and she always develops flu, runny nose, etc when she's teething. Literally not fun.


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