Saturday, February 23, 2013

Tasting Seremban's Famous Crabs

One of Seremban's signature dishes is actually crabs from Seremban Seafood Village Restaurant. It is a MUST TRY FOOD when you happen to visit Seremban (By the way, I bolded, underlined and italicized these words not for nothing). I really should have put this dish in one of my favourite food list in Seremban. Although I really love it, I seldom dine here because it's quite expensive and normally, we only enjoy Seremban's crabs when we have special overseas or out-of-town guests visiting us, like my parents for instance. I believe their journey to Seremban was not complete if they had to leave Seremban without eating Seremban's crabs, at least for once. 

Last Wednesday night, my husband and I brought my parents to eat some crabs before they leave for Indonesia yesterday. Since there were just 4 of us, we were really moderate in ordering the dishes and rice but my husband went a little overboard with ordering the crabs: 2kg of crabs for 4 adults who usually don't eat much. I was like "Come on, man... What were you thinking?" I only realised how much crabs he's ordered when the mountain of crabs gracefully landed on our table. I really think my husband had some serious issues with calculating or estimating the needed amount of food (re: crabs) that night.

Anyway, here are the chronicles of our latest dining experience at Seremban Seafood Village Restaurant.

Once we're seated and orders were taken, some fried crackers and special garlic chilli sauce for the dip or to be eaten with the crabs later on were served. In the next 5 minutes after the crackers were served on our table, poof!, they're gone to our stomachs.

Warming up with the appetiser.

Moving on, our drinks and rice came to our table, followed with my favourite veggie dish, Baby Kailan sautéed in garlic.

Baby Kailan sautéed in garlic.

I also ordered Mapo Tofu. It was spicy, sweet and overall tasted really nice but a bit oily. 

The Mapo Tofu.

Much later on, when my husband's plate was somewhat clean, our 2kg of Grilled Crabs arrived. I am sure that that this restaurant's motto is "Save the Best for Last" as the best dish really came the latest, just in time when everybody's almost finished their rice and other dishes. 

The super delicious grilled crabs.

The grilled crabs were really, really, really nice. They were really tasteful that they don't even need to be eaten with the special garlic chilli sauce. The meat is so tender and flavourful as the crabs' shells were cracked before they were grilled with some sweet sauce. The crabs' slightly burnt shells were really sweet and I literally could not stop licking the crabs' grilled shells after I ate the meat. Everyone was really determine in finishing the 2kg of crabs on our table but really, it was just too much (in the end, our leftover was one crab without its claws). Actually, when the crabs arrived on our table, I still had about half plate of rice but once the crabs came, I was not interested in finishing my rice and other dishes on our table any more. My pearls of wisdom here is to finish your rice and other dishes first before the crabs come to your table. Once they're served, you'd be very busy picking its meat from their shells and putting whatever meat you could take out to your mouth and you'd forget that you still have some rice on your plate. My favourite parts of crabs are the big fat claws! What about you?

I've eaten this restaurant's crabs cooked in salted eggs and they're equally delicious as the grilled ones.

Speaking of expensive food, my husband paid RM150++ for our 3 main dishes, 4 rice bowls and 3 glasses of liangcha last week. Nevertheless, their food's really worth our money!

God, Seremban's crabs are so finger-licking good! We must thank the restaurant for inventing this divine food. 

 ** Seremban Seafood Village (芙蓉燒蟹海鮮村)
3720-3724, Jalan Tuanku Munawir
70200 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

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