Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Starting Solids

Baby Naomi is 5 months and 1 week old and I just tried feeding her solid food for the first time.

Some friends have started introducing fruits purée, such as mashed banana or avocado, to their babies when their babies were 4 or 5 months but I only started introducing purée to Naomi today. I could not find any banana or avocado that I can use as my baby's first fruit purée during my visit at the supermarket last night, so I decided to buy one small jar of Heinz Organic Baby Food for Naomi. I bought Heinz's Golden Vegetable Mash baby food made from pumpkin and sweet potato, that is suitable for babies aged 4 months ++. Another baby food variant I saw yesterday was made from peas and zucchinis but I thought this one may taste very funky so I didn't buy that. A small jar of Heinz' organic baby food costs RM 3.60.

26 February 2013: Baby Naomi's first 'dining' experience.

So here are more details of Baby Naomi's first 'dining' experience today:

Before Naomi's feeding time started, I heated her baby food jar in a bowl of hot water.

I put Naomi in her stroller and placed a bib on her neck (feeding baby is messy business, no?). 

I took 2 teaspoons of the warm purée into a baby bowl and started putting one spoon (baby spoon as seen in the picture above) onto Naomi's little mouth. She gave me a weird look when I let her taste the purée for the first time. She tried to push the food out of her mouth using her tongue after one bite. However, for the next bites, she happily explored the food's taste, swallowed (she could not stop smiling and kicking!) and constantly opened her mouth (like a fish!) whenever a spoon of her food travelled from her baby bowl to her mouth. She even showed me some 'chewing' motions when eating her purée though obviously there's nothing can be chewed from a purée like this.  

I took another teaspoon of the warm purée from the jar and put it in Naomi's bowl again. She finished it. 

In the end, she managed to eat 4-5 teaspoons of this purée and I made her drink some warm water after her feeding time was over. Lastly, I wiped her dirty face using a damp cloth and kept the remaining of baby food in the fridge.

In conclusion, I think Baby Naomi had a smashing good time eating her first solids and likes her first solid food very much.

Little spoon. Curious baby. Little lips and chin all well covered with baby food. Jolly smiles. Dirty bib. Feeding baby solids for the first time is, oh, so exciting.

Again, the joy of motherhood.

To find out more about signs that your baby is ready for solids, have some read from this article.

** If your baby is below 6 months old of age, please check with your paediatrician before starting solids on him/her.

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