Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Aloe Vera for Hair Loss Treatment

A while ago, I shared that I am currently experiencing serious post-partum hair loss. Weeks later, my hair loss problem isn't improving and to be honest, the amount of hair strands I shed everyday is really epic. Often times, I feel like crying because I really don't want to go bald!

Years ago, I've tried using various hair lotion, serum and cream to treat my mild hair loss but these commercial products didn't really work on me. Yesterday, I decided to try using pure aloe vera from my garden that is traditionally believed to work wonders in naturally promoting hair growth. No need to pay a bomb to get the benefits of this 'Mother of All Herbs and Plants'.

When I was a kid, my Mom, sister and I practised rubbing pure aloe vera flesh on our scalp (let's call it the cheap version of hair cream-bath at home!) and we had fun. I felt really nostalgic when I cut some aloe vera stalks in my garden with my Mom yesterday evening and apply their flesh on my scalp in front of her.

Fresh aloe vera from my garden for my hair.

Here are the simple steps to use pure aloe vera for hair loss treatment (external application):

  1. Cut some aloe vera stalks from the plant (or buy from a local supermarket or wet market, it shouldn't cost much!). The bigger/fatter aloe vera stalk we can get, the better. 
  2. Wash the aloe vera stalks. Slice off their thorny edges and leave the green skin intact so it's easier to hold them when applying them on our scalp.
  3. Cut the aloe vera stalk into smaller pieces and halve each piece open (see above picture).
  4. Gently rub its slimy translucent flesh on our scalp. Once done, massage our head thoroughly.
  5. Leave the aloe vera gel on our head for 20-30 minutes before rinsing off with warm water.

For best results, I think diligence is the key. I plan to do this regime once a week although I don't know whether this effort can cure my hair loss problem. Fingers crossed - hair loss, be gone. Forever.


  1. i've tried it, didnt work!

    black sesame powder (can get it @ the AEON) cure my post natal hair loss, u can try it...

    1. Hmmm... I don't know how well this Aloe Vera for hair loss. I am quite desperate actually. How do you apply the black sesame powder? How long do women have to suffer from this post-natal hair loss? It's been >2 months already.

    2. sorry, should have said it clearly earlier, not apply on your hair, but consume it.

      Black sesame seeds provide an effective cure for the hair loss. The black sesame powder must be mixed with some hot water, juices, or milo, and can be taken during the time of breakfast.

      This provides an effective cure for the hair loss. The black sesame seeds also help to maintain the shine and color of one’s hair.

      i started my postnatal hair loss when my son was 4months old, till he was 18months, it was scary, so i cut my hair short (i had long hair for 20+yrs!) My mum told me to take black sesame powder, after a week i could see much improvement, after a month nomore hair loss. :)

    3. Hi Clemence,

      Thanks for the tips! I'll try to get this black sesame seeds powder from AEON and test it to see if it'll cure my hair loss problems! From your story, this thing works wonder!



  2. Postpartum hair loss is common-there's an old wife's saying that when the baby starts to smile, the mom starts to lose hair! It'll stop soon-so don't worry :)
    Usually hair loss is seen after 3-4 months(the normal life cycle for hair)after any illness, delivery or any kind of diet changes.
    Try to eat a healthy diet with lots of fruits, veggies,nuts, plant based proteins, fish and drink lots of water! Also try massaging your scalp with warm coconut oil once a week (very gently as too much massaging at this time may pull out the hair).
    Last but not the least don't get too stressed :)

  3. Thanks a lot for posting useful info about Hair Loss treatments. I have tried other Pregnancy Hair Loss but dint worked. I would be following these tips.

  4. Thanks for the post.

  5. Thanks for providing such a nice tips. It will be useful for many people as it is a good medium for hair loss treatment.

  6. @vetrafurniture, advancemedicalsystems and marie.. thanks for the comments! Good luck with the tips although I myself am still struggling with this hair loss problem.

  7. Yesterday, I decided to try using http://hairklinik.com/hair-transplant-tampa pure aloe vera from my garden.

  8. Wow really? Does Aloe Vera really working for hair loss? I haven't tried it yet. It's good to know that and thank you for sharing it here.

  9. I think, there is no secret about hair re-growth, because it seems to be a myth. If it would have been possible to re-grow hairs naturally, then why all the celebrities go for hair transplant? Anyway, if some hair care products help stopping hair loss, it would be wise to try them.

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