Monday, January 7, 2013

The Post-partum Hair Loss

There is an old belief saying that when the newborn baby starts drooling, that's when the mother starts losing her hair.

When my baby started drooling, I too, started losing my hair.

I thought it was just a myth until few weeks ago, I start noticing my hair became relatively thinner every time I pony-tail it and see more hair strands of mine getting so messy on the floor. Also, I get pretty irritated and tired sweeping the floor more and more frequently as I could not stand the sight of my hair strands laying about everywhere in the house. Not to mention, my shower drain is now full with my falling hair strands after I wash my hair so I have to scoop the hair out of it more often. 

When I was pregnant, I had luscious hair and experienced very little hair fall. I saw lesser hair in my shower drain, hardly spotted hair mess on the floor and whenever I pony-tailed my hair I could feel that my hair was thicker than during my pre-pregnancy days. I am sure that it was the pregnancy hormones who did the magic! However, some friends warned me about the potential of post-partum hair loss. They advised me to just cut my hair shorter before I delivered my baby to avoid serious hair fall because long hair tends to fall out easily. I took their advice seriously and cut my hair short when I was about 7 months pregnant to prevent dramatic hair loss post baby delivery. From sporting a waist-length hair for many years, I went to shoulder-length hairstyle - just like Disney's Mulan's hairstyle when she's about to join the war. Hate it but had to do it.

With shorter hair, apparently I still could not escape from this post-partum hair fall. Currently, I don't do any special hair treatment regime for my hair fall just yet. To date, I just wash my hair with anti hair fall shampoo that I have been using for ages and put on hair conditioner (for-hair fall) after washing my hair. I thought of trying to eat more mungbean soup, which is believed to promote hair growth, but have not been able to do it because I am too lazy to cook it every day. Sigh.

I understand that post-partum hair loss is nothing to worry about since my hair should be back to normal in few months time. It's just a bit terrifying to see a lot of hair mess everywhere in the house and realizing that it all comes from my head! Let me know if you have the tips in temporarily battling the post-partum hair loss. 

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  1. That's is a wonderful baby boy! Can you tell me if you tried some commercial products for this?


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