Saturday, January 26, 2013

Testing the Cloth Diaper and Some Brand Comparison

I am not a big user of cloth diaper just yet but have certainly put cloth diaper on baby Naomi since she was just a newborn. My Mom is a real fan of cloth diaper so she sort of made baby Naomi wear tie-on cloth diaper almost all the time when she was here. Once she left Malaysia, I drifted myself away from this habit and started using disposable diaper on my baby for convenience reasons.

I have entirely stopped using the tie-on cloth diaper on my baby because it has very low urine absorbency level; however, sometimes I do use cloth diaper with snaps or velcro on baby Naomi. Whenever possible, I love putting reusable cloth diaper on my baby because it's super comfortable to wear, has cute designs, prevents rashes, easy to use, economical and eco-friendly (seemingly, one baby can produce almost half a ton of rubbish that takes ages to decompose from wearing disposable diaper in a year). The only drawbacks of cloth diaper to me are probably the facts that it doesn't absorb as much urine as disposable diaper, hence gets wet relatively fast. Also, it needs to be hand washed when my baby happens to pass motion on it - so I guess letting our baby to wear cloth diaper after he or she passes motion is a good idea?

Anyhow, here are some cloth diaper brands that I've tested thus far and a little reviews on each product too.

1. Charlie Banana

I got the chance of using this uber cute, soft and comfortable Charlie Banana cloth diaper after I won Our Everyday Thing's cloth diaper giveaway last year. **Thanks, Mom Leonny!** This high-quality "2-in-1" reusable cloth diaper is made from polyester, absorbs a lot of urine, has smart side snaps that are easy to administer and adjust; and possesses leak-proof leg casing too. Furthermore, its various colour collection is so hard (for any Mommy) to resist! Every purchase of one Charlie's Banana cloth diaper comes with two free reusable/washable inserts.

Charlie Banana's 2-in-1 reusable cloth diaper.

Baby Naomi wears the Large-sized plain Charlie Banana diaper (Colour: Aqua)

Doesn't this cloth diaper look  so solid and gorgeous on baby Naomi?

Do visit Charlie Banana's website to learn more about reusable cloth diaper 101.

2. Pigeon

My husband bought Pigeon's cloth diaper when we checked out the Parenthood Expo in Kuala Lumpur last year. This cloth diaper is slightly thin in design but it's soft and comfortable to wear on babies. It's closure uses velcro so it's pretty easy to administer and adjust to fit's the baby body.

Pigeon's cloth diaper.

The price of this cloth diaper is considerably cheap (less than RM 15, I think) but purchase of Pigeon's cloth diaper doesn't come with any inserts. If you don't have any washable or disposable inserts for cloth diaper, the easiest way to replace them would be folding baby cotton napkins as the cloth diaper's inserts. Compared to Fiffy's Baby NapkinsPureen's Baby Napkins are way much better and I've been using this brand since Naomi was born.

Baby Naomi wears Pigeon's cloth diaper - Size M.

In short, unless you have budget to buy expensive cloth diaper, this brand is not bad for baby's everyday use.

3. No brand

My husband and I bought one non-branded cloth diaper from a baby shop during our visit to my home town last year. Back then, both my husband and I had zero knowledge on what to expect from a good cloth diaper so we just purchased a random cloth diaper from that shop. In the end, we didn't dare to put this cloth diaper on our newborn because we realized that this non-branded cloth diaper's material is a little stiff (not soft) and rough on the leg areas. I didn't want this cloth diaper scratch my newborn's delicate skin so we decided not to use this cloth diaper at all.

No brand cloth diaper with velcro.

Lesson learnt - Price is important but quality is not to be ignored either when it comes to baby products.

In summary, when at home, why not wearing cloth diaper instead of disposable diaper? To some extent, wearing cloth diaper may benefit you, your baby, your family and mother earth too.

Lastly, should you have any recommendations on cloth diaper brands I should try, don't forget to let me know.

**More reviews on cloth diaper to come**


  1. Wow.. Thanks for sharing.. I was looking for some information about cloth diapering in Malaysia, and landed here.
    I just moved to Malaysia and my baby will be coming this August.

  2. Honest diapers works great for my son. He's on size 3 now and we've been using expensive diapers ever since he was a newborn. I have never had a problem with them. We tried thinner diapers but they didn't work on him. I think it really just depends on each child. Anyway, Honest diapers are great.

  3. I am a big fan of cloth diapers, there is a lot of work involved but once it becomes routine, you would not mind it. I cant say I am 100% on CD because I still purchase and use disposable diapers.

    1. Yes, me too! Big fan of cloth diapers but not a full-time user of cloth diapers just yet.

  4. Hello, may I know whether Charlie Banana's brand also absorb less urine and get wet fast? I have the intention of buying this brand in few months ahead.Thank you.

    1. Hi.. I think for short term use say between 2-4 hours, Charlie Banana is quite good. I like it so far. I am still using the above L-size Charlie Banana diapers until now. It's long lasting, in terms of quality.

  5. Great post! Cloth Diaper is the best solution for money saving parent like you and me. With the use of organic bamboo fabric and microfiber, our baby will feel dry and comfortable at all time.
    It is time to change, say NO to disposal diaper, we can save our mother earth, let's join as Cloth Diaper parent >;<


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