Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Reading to My Baby

They say reading to baby is never too early. Although he or she won't understand what we read to them yet but this effort will somehow eventually pay off. Some women even start this habit when they're pregnant.

I didn't.

I only started reading one kiddie book to my 3-month old baby as of three days ago.

Over the weekend, I bought this "The Ugly Duckling" fairy tale book that is full of large colourful ducklings, duck and swans illustrations. The story is told in rhyming text so the publisher says this book is perfect for little ones.

Naomi's first book.

My baby only pays attention for three seconds from the first time I start reading to her, then her eyes would wander around.

Obviously, she is not listening...
Too young to concentrate?

I have been reciting "The Ugly Duckling" story to my baby like ten times in the past three days. By this time, I think I roughly remember the book's content already. "Mother Duck sits on her nest. Ducklings hatch. One is not yellow and scruffy too. Sad, off he swims to faraway lake. By spring, he becomes a handsome swan; flying high, very grand. Ugly Duckling is now happy with his swan friends. The end."

I don't know how long I can make this habit last. I love my baby, but sometimes this routine is ridiculously a bit too boring for adult. It's either I drop this reading habit until she grows a bit older, read to her less frequently or buy more kiddie books for my reading materials variety.

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  1. i have been reading to my baby since he was about 6 months and i can see he responds more now that before. he seems to enjoy the pictures alot now. i also bought those books with buttons that you press to make sounds. he doesn't know how to press them but he LOVES the sounds. your little one might like those too :)


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