Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Mommy's Toilet Breaks

Do you know that one of the perks in being a new Mom is not being able to go to the loo on-time?

There are days when nature calls me but I can't immediately answer it just because I happen to be busy attending a fussy baby or it coincides with my baby's feeding time which has just started. The husband happens to be not around either so I got no one to turn to at home. It's just the baby and me. In short, when this happens, Mommy has to cross her legs a little tighter, bite her lip and clench some parts of her body for indefinite period of time. Hold it, hold it.

That's me, carrying my baby.

Some people advise me to just 'neglect' my baby in her baby cot for few minutes and go clear my system in the toilet whenever I get the urge to go to the loo. "Never mind - let her cry. Crying is good for your baby's lungs.", they say. However, the truth is, it is not that simple to just leave my awake baby in her baby cot and do whatever I need to do in the toilet for few minutes. My baby can't entertain herself just yet, sometimes she refuses her baby toy and/or simply wants to be carried; else, she'd get really upset and her anger would soon manifest into burst of long loud inconsolable cries that will make anyone's eardrums perforate and heart break.

Usually, as the waste material in my stomach starts moving downward, I begin to contemplate. Should I go now or later? The little red devil soon hastily dances on my left shoulder and whispers on my left ear, "Just go lah, woman! You can also bring your baby to the toilet too with you, right? It IS possible to sit on the toilet and carry your baby at the same time. Go, go, go! Do it now!" Then, the divine white angel pokes me and whispers on my right ear, "Dear Christine, please reconsider. Be wise. Do you really want to expose your baby to germs and unseen bacteria in your toilet? In addition, please don't let your baby breathe the smelly air in your toilet after you empty your bowel. She is a mere innocent little darling." Both shoulder angel and devil leave me really conflicted and I instantly mumble, "What should I do? What should I do?" like 3 to 5 times. Finally, I take a good look at my baby's beautiful face and decide to just shoo the little red devil out of my left shoulder and scram the urge to go the toilet as well.

In conclusion, seemingly, being a new Mom may mean ignoring the important call of nature once in a while. I must confess, sometimes I do get constipated because of this and I really hope I won't contract any bladder infection from holding my pee too often when I couldn't run to the toilet and empty my bladder.

Other mothers out there, have you ever experienced this too?

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  1. Lolx.. I so did.. When I was still in confinement a few times you can't hold it in.. It happens when it need to and I've got no choice cause its the middle of the night in laws all sleeping and husband not around , my dd refuses to sleep or stay quiet so I had to rush to toilet with her in my arms.. I feel bad for bringing her but I couldn't hold it in at all during that time.. Now dd is usually ok on her own so I leave her on the bed and go to the toilet sometimes when I return she is wide awake and just staring around..


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