Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Let's Vingle!

Looks like Christmas came early for me. Yesterday, I received the present that I won from Vingle giveaway held recently and I was totally ecstatic to open the package. There were very cute organic baby rattle, baby milk bath powder, face serum and belly butter inside the box. The contents of the box were aimed for my baby (except for the face serum and belly butter) and now I would like to represent my baby in expressing the ultimate joy in receiving the gifts from Vingle. Thank you, Vingle! Both baby and I love the present that you carefully chose for us!

The cool organic baby stuff I won from the recent Vingle's giveaway!

Thank you again, Vingle! 
Baby Naomi loves the adorable baby rattle from you!

But wait, before I continue - do you know what Vingle is in the first place?

Vingle is an online community where everyone around the globe shares their thoughts and passions, in any language! Not only you can enjoy looking at the photos and videos of various topics that other Vinglers post in the website, but you can also comment at what other people post in the website and remake the posts that people create in your own language! Best of all, you can directly contribute to the community by sharing stuff that of your interest. If the topic/category (we vinglers prefer to call this party) that you desire is not listed in Vingle yet, you could buzz Vingle's team to request a specific party and they'd promptly make that particular topic available for you. Isn't this fabulous?

I myself have been a regular contributor and fan of Vingle since its first inception. What I contribute in Vingle's website are mostly cards under baby, baking, food and parenting parties. As a reader, I am mostly entertained reading the photographyflowersfunny and webtoon/webcomic cards that other Vinglers post in the website on daily basis. Find me in Vingle here.

After reading this post, please don't forget to hop over to Vingle website, join the Vingle's playground and meet me there as a new Vingler! It's easy and free!

Moving on, do stay connected with Vingle through Facebook and Twitter too.

Finally, speaking of giveaways - you might want to constantly watch Vingle's space to see if they are holding more cool world-wide giveaways soon and stand yourself a chance to win fantastic prize from Vingle, if any!

Meanwhile, let's keep vingling!

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