Monday, December 10, 2012

The Many Faces of Baby Naomi

It's Monday again and I can really feel the Monday blues that comes with Monday every week even though I don't check into the office anymore. Bummer.

With this, I thought of sharing some cute snaps of baby Naomi that my husband and I managed to capture last week and over the weekend.

Let's begin with Naomi's sleepy face. I remember taking the below sleepy picture of her and then, right after I took her picture, her eyes were wide open. In the end, she didn't take her afternoon nap as I wished.

7 December 2012: Acting sleepy.

Moving on, this is the photo of Naomi sucking her fingers again. Sometimes she uses this tactic to briefly calm herself.

7 December 2012: An unbreakable habit.

Finally, I mentioned that Naomi now smiles back at us when we talk to her, didn't I? The following are the samples of her ear-to-ear smiles that we'd usually get when we call her name, talk to her or sing to her - provided if she's in a good mood. She'd even throw her killer smiles at strangers when random people start talking to her at public places. Such a little magnet.

 9 December 2012: My best friend says that
 the way Naomi smiles mimics my Dad's.
 9 December 2012: Naomi says, 
"Daddy called my names many times and I smiled back at him."

9 December 2012: Baa!

I guess the above photos define the term of "baby equals to little bundle of joy" pretty well, eh?


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