Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Naomi: 2 Months Old

My baby is now a little over two months old already!

She has grown really chubby and I actually like it! I always find chubby babies very cute and adorable.

Pretty baby on Sunday!

Anyway, at about 10 weeks old, my baby now holds her head a little steadier, recognizes my face and voice (and possibly my motherly smell too!), sucks her fingers a lot, smiles back at us when we talk or sing to her (but not yet giggling), sleeps longer at night (if we're lucky, my husband and I would get 6-7 hours uninterrupted night sleep), blows bubbles, drools (now I know why they invented those cute bibs!), coos, enjoys her morning and evening warm baths very much, loves looking at colourful baby toys in front of her (preferably with chime or soft music) and occasionally, is able to briefly hold a baby toy that I place the toy on one of her hands. Her schedules now are quite predictable to me and I hope they continue this way.

Let's vote!
Between 1-10, what is my cuteness rating? Mama says I'm at 11.

By this time, I have found out that my baby is one really strong-willed baby and has bad temper too. She has to have what she wants at that very moment, or she'd burst those loud angry cries, anytime and anywhere.

Until now, I still feed my baby with both breast milk and formula milk. I think I can produce more breast milk than the first month of my baby's arrival and nowadays, I try to breastfeed my baby directly as often as possible instead of expressing my breast milk. However, I don't know why, in the past few days my baby has started to refuse my breasts during nursing time and I find this experience rather distressing and am actually scared if one day, she totally refuses breastfeeding at all since I don't plan to stop breastfeeding just yet. I pray that this problem is only temporary!

** Health record:
Current weight: 6 kg.
Current height: 62 cm.

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