Friday, December 14, 2012

Baby Milestones at 2 Months and 3 Weeks Old

Another 6 more days and Naomi is going to turn 3 months old!

Naomi is now aware of her hands and vigorously inspects her hands like a mini Sherlock Holmes, but minus the detective's magnifying glass of course.

13 December 2012: Examining her hand.

Her hands are now strong enough to grasp a baby toy or teether when I put it onto one of her hands.

12 December 2012: Grasping her brand new colourful teether.

She loves pulling her shirt, bibs, blanket and other clothes too.

14 December 2012: Mom, look at me.. I can pull my bibs like this!

And she constantly puts everything she can grasp or pull into her mouth.

12 December 2012: This teether tastes so darn good. 
Too bad y'all are too old to do this.

Lastly, here's my favourite photo taken this week.

13 December 2012: Baby and Daddy's bonding time.

Have a good weekend, everyone. Christmas is coming soon!

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