Monday, November 12, 2012

Naomi's First Toy

My husband and I have yet to buy lots of infant toys for Naomi. When I was very pregnant, we saw some cute soft toys and purchased them but had not introduced them to our baby because obviously she's not ready for these. All the while, we thought our newborn won't be able to enjoy toys (and that's why we haven't bought her any toys yet) because she's still less than 2 months old but I guess we're wrong.

Naomi and her first infant toy.

Yesterday, my Sister-in-Law handed her pre-loved mobile infant toy over to Naomi as my nieces are way too old for this toy now. When my husband and I reached home, we immediately tried to hang the colourful toy above Naomi's crib and put her inside her crib to see her reaction on her new toy. I was so amazed looking at how amused my baby was with her new toy just seconds after we placed the toy in her crib and turned its music on so the mini animal dolls could spin slowly too. Naomi could not stop staring at the spinning animal dolls, smiling, making cute noises and moving her feet joyfully.

However, every time the music was off and the animal dolls stopped spinning, she was not a happy girl and started making attention-grabbing sounds so my husband or I would play the toy's music for her again. For the first few times, I happily turned the music on for her again but after a while, I began to feel that this toy can be mildly annoying too, especially for adults.

At night, my husband decided to take the toy off Naomi's crib because it seems like this toy excites her very much. Given Naomi's infamous sleeping schedule history, we think that it's best to use this toy during the day because if she gets too excited with her new mobile toy, it may take longer time for her to fall sleep or have more trouble settling down, hence, give more problems to her parents at night. Furthermore, I don't think I'd have the patience and energy to turn the toy's music on over and over again at night or during the wee hours whenever it stops playing the music.

Nevertheless, it's been so much fun to see Naomi gets very excited with her first infant toy and I must say, during the day, this toy does buy me some time as it keeps Naomi busy and entertained while I'm trying to do something else.

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