Monday, November 19, 2012

Fingers Sucking

On the early days, my baby used to put her fingers, hand or fist into her mouth when she was hungry. Thus, I took this gesture as one of the cues that her feeding time had come. These days, my baby sucks her fingers more often and mostly after she has been fed.

Something new?

It all started about one week ago when I noticed that my baby began to put her tiny fingers into her mouth and sucking them. In the beginning, I found her new habit quite cute and even considered this as a milestone. However, after some time I feel that her fingers sucking habit is too much. Sometimes she rejects her pacifier and chooses to put her fingers into her mouth instead. When I try to put her left fingers away from her mouth, she'd immediately put her right fingers into her mouth. Many times, she sucks her fingers until my husband and I can hear the loud sucking sounds she makes. This said, I have stopped putting her baby mittens on her hands again.

Nyamm... My tiny fingers actually taste like WOW!

Some family members advised me to persistently stop my baby putting her fingers into her mouth whenever she does so; else, it is going to be harder for me to wean this habit off or worse, she'd carry this habit until she is older. However, some other sources say that it is perfectly normal for newborns to suck their fingers because sucking is actually their inborn reflex and naturally provides comforts on babies.

I am confused.

Anyway, I don't want my kid to carry her fingers-sucking habit all the way until her primary school years. Therefore, whenever I see my baby sucking her fingers, I try my best to stop it or replace her fingers with the pacifier - although it is hard.

On another note, my girl is two-months old tomorrow!


  1. my baby is 5 and a half weeks old and he does the same thing, I think it is a reflex I wouldnt worry about it yet. We as moms have enough to worry about already! she is precious!


  2. You are right, Kasia.. I don't fuss so much about her fingers sucking habit anymore. If this can make her fall asleep faster at night, I let her do it :D


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