Thursday, October 4, 2012

Two Weeks Old!

Naomi is two weeks old today!

Isn't she pretty?

My two-weeks old darling with her killer smile.

Since my baby came into my life, my days are felt like going by really, really, really fast. My morning, afternoon and night activities are now so routine and run in short cycles. In every 2 or 3 hours, I have to be able to feed my hungry (and screaming) baby, burp her, change her diaper, cradle her to sleep, express milk (if any!), clean and sterilise her bottles. Bathing her, giving myself a descent morning shower (plus hair wash) and doing her laundry are best done before 12 noon or else, my afternoon schedules would be even more hectic. These days I gorge my food very quickly so I can attend to my baby as soon as possible or do my other chores in waiting. Squeezing an hour afternoon nap in a day is a must (otherwise, I won't have the super power to transform myself into an owl past midnight) but pretty hard to do; and being able to nap for two hours is a luxury that I don't get to enjoy every day. Getting an ideal 8-hour beauty sleep at night is a distant memory.

But you see, seeing her grow and get chubbier each day is priceless. Oh, the joy of motherhood...

Anyway, veteran mothers claim that a new-born is much easier to take care than older baby or a toddler. Do you agree?

OK, that's all for today's quick blog update. Got to go!

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