Friday, October 12, 2012

One of Those Days

Yesterday, I just had one of the longest days and nights in my life. Ever.

Naomi literally refused to sleep right after she woke up at 9am until 10pm or so. This was not normal as by right, infants should sleep a lot.

Since morning, after I made her sleep in my arms or fed her with formula milk or breastfed her until she fell asleep; she always opened her eyes again whenever I put her in her baby cot. My 3 weeks old only stayed quiet for a few minutes after I put her down and then she started crying. If I didn't hold her or pick her up from her baby cot; she’d cry, cry and cry hysterically until her whole body turned all red, almost purple in fact, and tears trickled down her cheeks. This drama went on and on for more than 12 hours non-stop and to make things worse, I had to deal with her alone. My husband was out of town for work until late at night. My Mother-in-Law was too busy taking care of my sick nephew and niece downstairs (and obviously, I didn't want to bring Naomi near them for the sake of her well-being).

Mommysays: "You don't want to sleep. Thus, I can't sleep either.. 
But I forgive you anyway..." 

I was at my wits end. I was drop dead tired. My brain and ears were half numb. My left arm and wrist were sore beyond words because I had to hold my baby for long hours (I didn't have any baby sling carrier just yet because I thought I would not need it this early but maybe I was wrong, again). My neck and back ached badly because I did not have the chance to lie down. At one point, I was so desperate and texted my parents in Indonesia to come to Malaysia again and help me take care of my baby. However, they said they can’t come over again this soon.

As much as I want my baby to give me a break, each time I saw my baby crying, my heart ached too. I knew she was very tired but she just could not shut her eyes. I wished I could ask her, “Which part of your body hurts?” “Is your tummy gassy? Let me rub this baby medicated oil on your stomach.” “Are you hungry again? I just fed you…” “Tell me why you feel so uncomfortable?” What’s wrong with your baby cot?” “Do you have colic?”"Is the room too hot for you?" "Do you feel cold?" “Is your nose stuck?” “Do you want to pass motion again?” “Should you see a doctor?” … But she cannot speak! She only replied me with more screams and cries. All my efforts in comforting and soothing her only worked when I cradled her in my arms. When I returned her to her baby cot, the whole inconsolable crying spells happened again. Every time I just crawled into my bed for a nap or rest my back, I heard my baby make noises almost immediately and I knew it was the time for me to hold her again. The entire ordeals were just so traumatizing. 

I just can't leave her alone.

Some friends told me to try 'abandon' my crying baby in her cot to make her understand that she needs to sleep in her cot and Mommy is not supposed to hold her all the time but heck, I didn't have the heart to do so.

At 9pm, when my Mother-in-Law was somewhat free and noticed that my baby was still crying and I was exhausted already, she helped me calm my child. She managed to make Naomi sleep until my husband came home at 10pm something. I was so relieved to see her finally sleeping because I was worried sick that my baby barely slept at all during the day.

During the wee hours, while my husband took turn in feeding and putting our baby to sleep, Naomi still screamed and cried when he tried to put her in her cot. I had to wake up again to help him. I cannot remember how many times I woke up last night. I don’t recollect how many hours I slept last night. I don’t recall how I made it through last night. As long as my baby could sleep for at least 2 hours in between her feeding time, I was happy enough.

Like my friend said, maybe yesterday I just had ‘one of those (bad) days’.

I hope today is a better day.


  1. that's normal..
    sometime she wants cuddle (being spoiled lol)
    sometime could be tummy not well
    sometime could be too hot or hot cold
    sometime could be not full enough
    share this videos with you:

  2. Congratulations on your beautiful angel, she's just so adorable. I have 2 girls, the older one was an easy baby but the 2nd one cried daily every evening.

    Have u considered swaddling her, maybe she just feels insecure in the crib. Hope it helps.

    1. My baby doesn't really like to be swaddled... She can kick and move her hands really strongly .. My MIL has told me many times to swaddle my newborn too..

  3. I know your predicament well. Ethan is now 1 month 1 week and 4 days old and I have literally not slept more than 2 hours a day for close to a month now because my little cuddle bug is the same as Naomi. He used to like being swaddled tightly but by the 3rd week, he preferred sleeping without.

    The last month, he'll be wide awake by 9am and will not go to sleep until after dinner even though he's super sleepy. There will be non-stop feedings, diaper changes, rocking back and forth while holding him in my arms either standing or sitting and he'll fall sleep UNTIL his head touches the pillow where he'll start screaming to be picked up and cuddled to sleep (hence the nickname: cuddle bug).

    However, there is one trick that seems to work which is feed and burp him at which point he'll usually fall asleep in my arms. Then I'll cuddle him until he goes into a deeper sleep and then gently lay him down to sleep on his left side. I'll stay with him and gently pat his back until he's sound asleep than sneak away quietly for some much needed rest.

    He'll sleep for about 2-3 hours straight. Sometimes he might wake up and cry a little - I'll check on him without him seeing me and after a couple of seconds he'll usually go back to sleep.

    For Ethan, I suspect he's just uncomfortable sleeping on his back especially after feeds and burps which is why I lay him on his left. I also elevated his pillow a little higher but not too high because he's learned to turn and might accidentally turn on his tummy and suffocate.

    Maybe you can try this out for Naomi but all babies are different and it may or may not work. Good luck anyhow and hope you're getting more rest. You're doing a great job, mom!

    1. I figured maybe the other day her stomach was not feeling well because usually she doesn't behave like this. Her tummy could be gassy since she didn't really burp a lot that day and had been crying a lot.. Perhaps more gas came in through her mouth as she cried and cried.. I am glad this crazy episode is over and hope it won't happen again. It scared me to death!

      You are right, I usually feed Naomi until she sleeps and cradle her until she goes into a deeper sleep before I move her back to her cot. It usually works wonder too, day and night! :-)

      Good luck for managing your children too there. I know it is not easy to have a toddler and a newborn to take care at the same time..



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