Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Naomi's Full Moon

Over the weekend, we celebrated Naomi's one-month old anniversary. Based on Lunar calendar, Naomi's first full moon fell on the day before her Gregorian calendar's one-month old anniversary and on that day, we did the Chinese (Taoist) ceremony traditions in celebrating her first month of life.

That morning, my Mother-in-Law and husband prepared ang ku kueh and red eggs that symbolise luck and blessings. Later on, we were going to distribute those to relatives and friends and bring some of those to my husband's grandparents' house in Muar for the Chinese (Taoist) rituals that my husband's family does for years, which is introducing the new family member to the late ancestors. Before we went to Muar, my Mother-in-Law trimmed a little bit of Naomi's hair to symbolise the shedding of the birth hair. We purposely didn't shave her head because I just don't have the heart to do so. I adore my baby's luscious hair to bits!

 My Mother-in-Law cutting Naomi's hair.

Naomi's lock of first hair cut.

After bathing and feeding Naomi, my husband, parents-in-Law, Naomi and I were ready to go to Muar and this trip marked Naomi's first long road trip ever. I was so grateful that this little girl didn't cry so much in the car and in fact, slept soundly throughout the trip, except when she was hungry.

Naomi and I, on our way to Muar.

After 拜拜, My husband and Naomi in his grandparent's house in Muar.

In the evening, when we were back to Seremban, my parents-in-law and husband distributed some small cakes, ang ku kueh and red eggs to relatives and close friends in town to formally announce our baby's arrival.

On the next day, which was Naomi's one-month old anniversary according to the Gregorian calendar, my husband's friends came over to our house to see Naomi for the first time. She was all smiles when she was surrounded by so many guests who teased and talked to her all the time.

Take 1: Sweet smile.
Photo credit by Wong Seng Teck.

 Take 2: Smiling while stretching
Photo credit by Wong Seng Teck.

 Take 3: Laughing baby.
Photo credit by Wong Seng Teck.

On the same day, my parents in Indonesia also distributed baby full moon gifts to some relatives and close friends to announce the birth of their first grand-child.

Here in Malaysia, my husband and I didn't do any lavish baby full moon celebration for Naomi so we decided to buy a cake and enjoy it with my in-laws, nephews and nieces when they came over on Sunday afternoon.

Naomi's baby full moon cake for family consumption.

Happy one-month old anniversary, Naomi. Be healthy and happy! You are God's best gift and it is such a blessing to have you with us.

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