Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Naomi: 1 Month Old

Naomi is one-month old already! Those who learn about this would normally say, "Ah, so fast... your baby is one month old now! Time flies, huh?" I would reply, "Mmm, yes.. But sometimes I do feel that time ticks away real slowly too." 

Fast forward, my husband and I have been waking up once every 3 hours at night for a little over one month by now and yes, we both are severely sleep deprived. Every morning I wake up with fatigues all over my body and literally crave long afternoon naps or good night sleep plus a really nice body massage all the time (which unfortunately I can't get...)! Still, I am trying to enjoy Naomi's newborn-hood as much as possible as lots of people say 0-3 months old babies are the easiest to take care of. We'll see.

This may sound a bit bias, but I think my girl is cute!

Naomi now can smile, happily move her hands and feet or look at the person who sweetly calls her name or talks to her in high pitch. She can also see objects that I hold in my hand. These days, whenever I try to take photos of her using my iPhone, her eye balls move following the movement of my black iPhone in my hand. Sometimes she still cries when I bathe her. I still feed her with formula milk and my breast milk. During the day, she normally asks for milk every 2 hours or so. Past midnight, she can sleep for 3 to 3.5 hours straight before the next feeding (is this counted as a milestone because she may now be able to differentiate day and night?). However, before she falls asleep, she would ask us to cradle her. This girl really loves to be cradled in adults' arms to make her fall into a deep sleep and in split second, she can tell if the person who cradles her is sitting down or standing up! As for me, on some bad days or nights her cradle-me-in-your-arms-all-the-time habit can really get into my nerves because it is really exhaustive and indeed one feat that tests my patience and stamina.

By the way, Naomi had her second immunization earlier today. It was my husband's and my first experience sending her to clinic for immunization and actually witnessing her tiny thigh poked with a small needle. She cried for few seconds when the nurse jabbed her. I was so paranoid already thinking that she would feel so much pain from the injection and cry for hours after that!

I love my poster girl!

In conclusion, after parenting my child for a month plus, I learnt that being a parent is a tough job and this role should not be underrated at all! It is really stressful at times and definitely more tiring than any office job and OTs I've ever done. There's just no holiday for my husband and I!" Say 'Amen' to this, unless you ask somebody else to take care of your baby and see him or her once a week. Nonetheless, I feel so very blessed with the privilege of having her presence in my life. Every time I look at her smile, being very active, getting chubbier and cuter every single day, I proudly tell myself that raising her is just simply worth all the pains that I am going through now.

Grow fast, but not too fast, my girl.

** Health record:
Current weight: 5.1 kg.
Current height: 58 cm.


  1. Hi she looks like my baby ... Can u pls add me on facebook.. I wanna see more of ur baby pics. ;)) shes so cute

  2. A month old bb already 5.1kg. My bb boy only 4 kg when full month.


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