Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pregnancy Week 40: The Early Labour

After months of anticipation, I am finally in my, hopefully, last week of my first pregnancy. By definition, the bun in my oven is fully baked and she can come out any time now! These days, close friends and relatives have been checking on me almost on daily basis on whether I have popped my baby out or if I have any signs of real labour already. My answer by far was still the same, "Not yet. Just same o' Braxton Hicks contractions like before...".

Anyway, I just had my 40th week appointment with my Gynae this morning. This could be my last antenatal visit for my first pregnancy because I have somewhat crossed the finish line already by now. The consultation with my Gynae today went pretty straightforward. I told her that I had been having Braxton Hicks contractions more often this week and my stomach has tightened since last Friday. At times, my stomach gets incredibly tight and painful and it becomes as hard as a stone when touched. My Gynae advised me not to worry and said that 'tightening' is really normal. The tighten stomach is actually caused by my uterus's contractions.

Not long after that, my Gynae asked me to prepare myself for the usual ultrasound scan. When my Gynae touched the lower part of my belly, she said she could feel with her hands that my baby's head has dropped really low now. The brief ultrasound scan showed that I have enough amniotic water level in my uterus and my baby's head has indeed dropped so low in my pelvis. Because of this, this time around, my Gynae could not scan the baby's head's part at all and was not able to measure the baby's head circumference nor estimate her current weight.

Knowing that my baby is seemingly set to see this world, my Gynae asked my permission to do internal vaginal examination to monitor my cervix's dilation. For the sake of my baby's and own well-being, I did not object. To those who don't know what 'internal examination' in this context is, this term simply means the Gynae undresses the expectant mother from the bottom down and inserts his/her gloved fingers into her vagina to check the opening of her cervix. Sounds really gross? Tell me about it. The process was quite uncomfortable and I kept on moving around during the check to the point that my Gynae asked my husband to hold my hand so I could stay still when she measured my cervical dilation. The result? I am already 2 cm dilated by this time and that means I am in the beginning stage of labour!

If nothing happens in the next couple of days, this Friday would mean -
Destination: Hospital's Labour Room.

In the end, my Gynae asked me to go home and wait for further signs of labour. If within these two days there are not much significant labour symptoms happening on me, my hospital bag and I will have to check in to the hospital's labour room on this Friday morning. By then, my Gynae plans to check the progress of my cervical dilation and we'll see what happens from there.

At present, I am so tensed thinking about the whole labour thing! On the other hand, I am pretty excited on how my life is going to change this weekend because if all goes well, my husband and I would ultimately meet our baby girl this week!

By the way, I did't gain any weight in the past week. I managed to maintain my pregnancy weight gain to 13.5 kg in total.

Doctor bills: RM 56.50 (for the Gynae's consultation fee and urine laboratory test).


  1. Wow, the wait has finally come to an end! Hope to see your beautiful baby soon! Hope everything goes well!

    {the Picablocks}

  2. yey!! good wishes for an easy labor and healthy baby!!!!!

    Kasia (37 weeks)


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