Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pregnancy Week 39: Labour is Just Around the Corner?

After 4 hours of waiting in the hospital, I finally had one of my last antenatal visits earlier today. Some of the first things my Gynae discussed when my husband and I saw her today were my second blood test result that I did early this morning and the vaginal swab test result that I did last week. It seems like the iron supplements that my Gynae prescribed me a month ago really worked well on me. My haemoglobin has now increased to 13.1 (Bye-bye blood transfusion!). Also, the swab test result revealed that I have normal flora. Not sure what that accurately implies but in simple English, it seems like I don't have to worry about the bacteria issues during my baby delivery.

Next, I told my Gynae about the menstrual-like abdominal and leg cramps that I felt since I woke up this morning. I also mentioned to her about the torturing feeling of stomach discomforts and constipation that I experienced in the past few days. Because of this, I requested her to prescribe me with some lactose based laxatives that are safe for expecting women, if possible. My Gynae suspected that I might be having contractions at this stage thus I may not need any laxatives. However, before she confirmed anything further about all these, she wanted to do an ultrasound scan on my tummy.

Gynae's latest record says D-9 but nobody knows.

Today's ultrasound scan showed that my baby has indeed dropped and she is 'in-term' to see this world. My Gynae could not scan my baby's head nor measure the circumference of her head to determine her estimated current weight because her head's position is already down in my pelvis. With afore-mentioned additional information on my on-and-off the stomach discomforts and leg cramps, my Gynae concluded that I might be having early contractions and advised my husband to stay in town this week because his wife might be going into labour any time.

Moving on, my Gynae cited that we are aiming vaginal birth for my first baby and told my husband and I to just let the labour happens naturally. She explained that normally she won't do labour induction easily due to its risks on both mother and baby. According to her, labour induction is only necessary in emergency cases such as big baby delivery, expecting mother with hypertension, not enough amniotic fluid in the uterus or the baby is not moving a lot during delivery. On top of that, I raised the issue on episiotomy during vaginal birth to my Gynae. She convinced me that she will not do episiotomy unless she sees lots of potential serious tearing on the mother's perineum due to baby's head position that is not straight during vaginal delivery. After I heard all these clarifications, I felt somewhat relieved.

Although I thought I have eaten more this week, I have apparently lost 1kg in the past week. My Gynae said it is very normal for expecting woman at the end of her pregnancy to lose weight as the unborn baby is absorbing more food from the mother's body. This said, I have gained 13.5kg in total during this pregnancy.

Before we headed home, as advised by my Gynae's nurse, my husband and I had a brief tour in the hospital's labour ward. One of the hospital's customer service executives taught us how to go directly to the hospital's labour room when my 'time' comes. For women in labour, it is not necessary to go to the hospital's emergency unit before 5pm so they can receive immediate assistance from the nurses in the labour ward.

In summary, if I experience no more significant labour symptoms (the bloody show, water leaks or unbearable contraction pains) in one of these days, this means I will have to go for one more antenatal visit in the hospital exactly one week from now.

Doctor bills: RM 66.50 (for the Gynae's consultation fee and blood and urine laboratory tests).

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