Sunday, September 9, 2012

Pregnancy Memento at 38 Weeks and 3 Days

Once upon a time, I had a wishful thinking to share my 28th birthday with my daughter because it's just pretty cool if we could have such coincidence. On my 28th birthday, my unborn baby was already considered 'full term' and there were chances that she decided to greet us earlier. However, the more I ponder over it; I realized it was not necessary. My baby should come into this world whenever she is ready. A healthy baby is worth the wait. True enough, I didn't go into labour during my birthday but I was not sad or upset about it. In fact, I am quite enjoying the last bits of this waiting game and taking my sweet time with the last couple of weeks, or few days, of my first pregnancy. I am savouring the quiet moments, or more like the freedom, that my husband and I have now before the hectic life with a new-born takes place.

Yesterday, I asked my husband to snap more pregnancy photos of me. As you can see, my tummy is as big as a large watermelon now.

38 weeks and 3 days pregnant.
Already gained about 14.5kg so far.

I have read and heard many times how very pregnant women may feel like beached whales to some extent. I can now completely understand what they meant.

No significant labour signs 
but mild Braxton Hicks contractions that come and go sporadically.

Anyway, less than 2 weeks to go!

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