Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Naomi's First Week

Hello, world!

My Mom decided to dedicate one post to record my first week with my new family. She thinks my face changes every day so she thought of keeping a record of me on daily basis to find out if I look more like my Dad or Mom. Also, she wants to share how hectic and beautiful a new Mom's life could be, with a new-born on her hands.

Day 0 - Thursday

My Dad and me at the hospital. Oh, yeah.. I have dimple!

Ta-Da! It's my birthday! My Dad could not stop smiling and thought that I looked like my Mom when I was born. Most of the time, I stayed at the hospital's nursery and got to see my Mom in her room twice a day.

Day 1- Friday

That's me sleeping in my baby cot. 
My baby cot smells so nice.

My Mom could pass urine after she gave birth to me and I could pass motion and urine too after our one-night stay at the hospital. This said, on my second day in this world, both my Mom and I were discharged from the hospital. Today, we're going home to my Grandma's house first because my Dad's new house isn't ready yet. By the way, I could not wait to meet my Grandparents from Indonesia for the first time. They came to see and take care of my Mom and me for the next 10 days.

Day 2 - Saturday

I am this cute. 
Whenever my Mom feels exhausted after my crying spells that last for hours, 
she instantly forgives me.

My parents were trying hard to fit my new-born schedules. They had to wake up many times at night to feed me and change my wet or soiled diaper. Also, my Grandma noticed that my skin's a bit yellowish today so she asked my Dad to sun bathe me tomorrow morning.

Day 3 - Sunday

I turn to an owl at night.

My Dad woke up very early and prepared me for brief morning sun bathing so my jaundice would go away. My Mom tried to breastfeed me but she could not produce much breast milk for me just yet. My parents had to feed me with formula milk for the time being. Do you know that I sleep a lot during the day and am more awake at night?

Day 4 - Monday

Do I look yellow to you?

My umbilical stub had fallen off! Today, my Dad resumed his work as per normal. My Mom had to survive taking care of herself and me with the help of my grandparents during the day. After my Grandma registered me to the local government clinic for my future vaccinations earlier today, a health officer from that clinic came to check my Mom and me at home. The officer noticed that my skin was quite yellow so she said I needed to see doctor immediately. My grandparents brought me to the clinic and the doctor there did a blood test on me. My first blood test revealed that my bilirubin level was 238.2. Tomorrow, I need to do a repeat blood test to make sure that my bilirubin doesn't exceed 240; otherwise I'd have to stay in the hospital for phototherapy. Did I mention to you that the blood test was painful and I cried a lot when the nurse drew blood from my left hand?

Day 5 - Tuesday

This is my cheeky look before my grandparents took me to clinic today.

This afternoon, my grandparents took me to clinic for my second blood test. Unfortunately, my bilirubin level had increased to 264 overnight and doctor said I had to be admitted at the hospital for few days. This news broke my parents' hearts. At the hospital, I cried and cried and cried when I was put under the light for phototherapy. The blue light was kind of hot and scary for a baby like me. My Mom cried too after she left me alone at the hospital's nursery. Too bad, she's not fully recovered yet to stay by my side 24/7 at the hospital. At home, my Dad kept on smelling the baby mitten I wore today because he misses me already. Wish me speedy recovery so I can go home and be with my parents again soon, will you?

Day 6 - Wednesday

I'm home again!!!

Thank you for all your well wishes, everyone! After one night phototherapy at the hospital, my bilirubin level has finally dropped to 201. *Hurray!* My skin looks fairer than previous days (Grandpa said I look prettier now!) and I was discharged from the hospital this late morning. Now, I am home with my parents again. The nurses at the hospital recommend my Mom to fully breastfeed me from now on. I hope she can do it! 加油, 妈妈!

Day 7 - Thursday

Ahoy! I am one-week old today!

Last night, I made my Mom wake up almost once every two hours or so, just to feed me. I am such a hungry little bear. Sorry to interrupt your good night sleep, Mommy! I know you are very tired but I get really hungry very fast these days...

Enjoying early morning sun with Daddy.

To avoid severe jaundice again, this early morning my Dad briefly sun bathed me again before he left for work. This afternoon, the nurse from the government clinic advised my family to do another blood test on me to make sure that my bilirubin level doesn't go up. This time around, the hospital staff drew a drop of blood from my tiny foot. I didn't cry. Apparently, my bilirubin level today has dropped again to 181. My family is so happy to learn that. Drinking water when consuming both formula milk and breast milk seems beneficial for jaundiced new-born like me.

P/S: Do you notice that most of my photos here were taken when I was sleeping? That's because my Mom is very busy attending to me when I am awake. Oh, I just wanted to let you know that my Mom took my above photos using Instagram. If you'd like to see more photos of me, do follow my Mom's Instagram account, ok!

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