Sunday, September 30, 2012

My Mom and Life with a New-Born

When I was still pregnant, I imagined that life with a baby would not be that simple. Still, I was expecting my new life with my first baby blissfully. Now, at only 10 days after I gave birth to my beautiful bundle of joy, I must admit that my body is already beyond fatigue. The marathons of waking up several times at night and during the wee hours to feed my baby and change her diapers, painfully expressing (not so much) breast milk, battling with down-right pains from breastfeeding, cleaning my baby’s bottles, etc. have really taken their tolls on me physically. My can-do attitude in doing household chores that I used to be able to settle very fast had indeed gone out of the window because I just can’t find the time to do all those any more with my new round-the-clock schedule and am still recovering from post-partum aches and pains. These days, my body constantly yearns for a deep sleep.

I was so grateful that my parents were here during the first days of my life with my baby. The last time I saw them was in early May and they came all the way to Malaysia last week to see their first grandchild and help me cope with my first baby.

My Mom feeding my baby.

Right after I brought my baby home from the hospital, my Mom had been an enormous and trusted source of help I could ever had. She taught me how to gently care and nurse a newborn. She gave me tips on how to organize the baby stuff to make my life much easier. She prepared and bought tons of important baby stuff that I missed to buy simply because I did not know that I would need them so badly. She helped me do my baby’s laundry on daily basis. She cooked good Indonesian food that I have craved for ages during the so-called lenient ‘confinement’ period of mine. She looked after my child whenever she could so I could catch up with my much needed rest. She woke up at 5am or 6am and took turn in caring the baby when I was about to collapse in any minute after dealing with my baby’s long crying spells during the wee hours. Every day, she patiently put traditional Indonesian herbal medicines on my tummy and wrapped it with post-partum abdominal binder so I won’t have post-natal flabby stomach. Whenever I felt overwhelmed and needed my Mom’s assistance or advice, all I had to do was knocking at my parents’ room’s door and my Mom was always there to sort my problems out. In short, I was just so used to have my Mom's presence in our house and felt incredibly pampered with my Mom’s being around in the past 10 days or so.

In a blink of an eye, gone are the days when all the confinement 'luxury' was all mine. As my parents returned to Indonesia today, armed with little experience, I am now almost solely responsible for the care and nourishment of my baby. Not that my husband would not help me with our baby, but I have to bear in mind that the man has to work and can’t accompany me becoming an owl all night long.

My hairdresser Mom styled my baby's hair. 
She just adores her luscious black hair.

As I watched my parents left our house and headed to the airport earlier today, the only word that I could drag out of my vocabulary to describe my feeling now and then is EMPTINESS. Yes, I am feeling empty now. I dreaded today to come and miss my parents already.

God, please give me the strength to get by my days without my Mom by my side. 

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