Saturday, September 8, 2012

My 28th Birthday in Words

I turned 28 yesterday!

As much as I looked forward to my 28th birthday, obviously because there's only one day like this every year, there was virtually nothing special happened. I skipped all those symbolic birthday activities like blowing out candles on birthday cake or cutting my birthday cake while making a wish, simply because there was no birthday cake for me. Sad! I did not eat any birthday noodles that signify longevity either. I wanted to cook instant noodles as my birthday noodles but I am cutting out my instant noodles intake and it was somehow kind of pathetic to do so because I did that already, many times, when I was still single!

I didn't know if the ice cream I ate the day before my birthday contributed to my sore throat and runny nose, but since I woke up early morning yesterday, I got the flu symptoms and felt incredibly lethargic the whole day. My mood was no good and I think it's got nothing to do with my pregnancy hormones. I just felt so awful as early as I opened my eyes on my birthday's morning. And this was just the beginning.

As I went through my actual 'plain vanilla' birthday, I think the only consolation I had was the facts that there were still lots of my friends and relatives out there who still remembered my birthday and flooded me with sweet birthday greetings via SMSes, Facebook and Whatsapps. Thank you so much, everyone!

Anyway, my husband was away for almost 3 days for work. He promised to come home earlier on my birthday but I don't know what stalled him at work, in the end, he showed up at home at about 8pm. I should have known that he didn't precisely say 'earlier in the day', he merely said 'earlier'. 8pm is indeed earlier than 10pm.

Moving on, my husband asked me to dress up as he was going to treat me with a birthday dinner, just for the two of us. Off we went to the restaurant. He chose Kensington Restaurant in Seremban and yes, we had a really nice western dinner. Unfortunately, for the first half of the full-course dinner we enjoyed, I still could not beat the bad mood that I've accumulated since morning. Despite his best efforts in making the birthday girl woman happy, my husband and I experienced lots of those couple's awkward silent moments during my birthday dinner. Sorry, love!

Check out what my husband and I had last night for my birthday dinner. Aren't they sumptuous? Thank you for the nice treat, husband!

Entrée: Crispy Duck Salad with Plum Sauce.

My husband demonstrating on 
how to eat the duck salad properly with the veggies. 
Hong Kong's style?

 Main course for the husband: Chicken Casserole.

  Main course for the wife: Grilled Dory Fish with Cajun Sauce.

Today's dessert: Apple crumbles with ice cream.

The husband forced me to smile, so I did it. 
Obvious, eh?

Near the end of the dinner, I felt slightly more uplifted. I started talking more to my husband and initiated more conversations with him. The high sugar content in the dessert definitely did its trick on me and melted my crappy mood to some degree. Both of my husband and I were too full with all the food served on the table and could not finish everything. Shortly after my husband picked the tab, we went home.

At home, my husband presented me with my birthday present that he bought when he was out-stationed. I was so happy with his thoughtful and lovely gesture.

Later that night, my flu was not improving. I took a flu medicine and went to bed rather early.

Around midnight, my baby niece in the next room screamed and cried literally for an hour or so. I waited long for the silence to come but I heard more loud noises. As much as my body was too tired to get up, I got up. It was about 1am. The baby still cried, cried and cried her lungs out non-stop. Her parents could not make her sleep or at least, stop crying. Both of them gave up and asked for my Mother-in-Law's help. Three of them failed to soothe and calm the baby. By then, my eyes were wide open and both sides of my head were so painful. The baby's cries drove me totally bat-shit crazy and I felt like someone was hitting my head with a hammer over and over again. Finally, my husband woke up from his slumber too, went out of our room to find the baby and held her. She stopped crying, I think. I didn't know much about the details. Next, my mind would not switch off after the whole baby-crying ordeals and I could not stop imagining how my life would be with two babies under the same roof. I rubbed my favourite medicated oil on both sides of my head three times to relieve my headache but it didn't work. Thus, I resorted to one pill of Panadol as my last rescue to sleep. At last, I slept until morning. As the aftermath of last night's interrupted sleep, my eyes are still heavy and my head is a bit dizzy as I type this post.

7th September 2012. I won't forget you.


  1. Happy Belated Birthday Wishes to you.
    I remember my 28th birthday. I was alone with my daughter. My husband was away in the Army in the Desert Storm war of 1991. It was terrible also.

    I think your birthday dinner photos look wonderful and delicious. You and your husband look beautiful. I can tell you do not wish to smile but your beauty still shines through.

    There will be some difficult times with 2 young babies in the same home. I remember always feeling so tired. I hope for you many days of good rest before you need a lot of energy to get through the day.

    I think it is a good thing that you are so willing to accept that even a birthday may not be the perfect day to have the celebration you wanted and may have learn a lesson of some flexibility to prepare for those times with the new baby. Best wishes to better days!!

  2. Thank you, Stephanie! I appreciate all your wise and kind words, as always :-)

    You are right, I really need good rest these days and about the plain birthday celebration yesterday, I don't sulk about it any more. Let bygones be bygones. Anyway, it was just another day to pass by.


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